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  1. Any one uses Armbian with swap partition? I am having problem with swap , when ram its at 60% , swap activates but the kernel gives error and freeze the system. And I have to unplug the box. Its normal? This kernel don't work with swap? Thanks!
  2. Someone have found how use Mali and UMP drivers for accelerate something in Armbian Linux? Its a possibility? Odroid C1 use same processor and have acceleration! I dont find any 2d or 3d acceleration information for this s805 tv boxes. Even the Video play acceleration not have development.
  3. Do you have success with S805 using 4.18 kernel ? How?
  4. I use the dtb from my MXV box android OS . and all works. You post the "meson8mediamanv2.dts" used by android . Right? and that dts dont have the gpioao_5 on the usb part? Also like I said , your android dts file boot my device but with other kernel , so here is the kernel : https://mega.nz/#!VSYF1aLI!OvuLNW1Lg1YH5S0UY33vCPyGaWs0Ac90D4m_t-V940g
  5. My MXV comes with wifi inside . With your posted dtb file I cant only use 3 of the usb , the OTG not active. You use Ubuntu Mate ... with what dtb file?
  6. I use your dts compiled to dtb and my box and boot, but off course no wifi and only 3of the 4 usb working. One thing I use the kernel 3.10.61 . I dont know is that could make the difference??
  7. My box use the gpioao_5 usb bus and I use the attached dtb and all the usb works. Remove .txt and test it! meson8b_mxv-u-j.dtb.txt
  8. I use regulary the one comes with the android installed on my box "meson8b_mxv.dtb". Works also with "meson8b_hd180.dtb" . I talking about kernel 3.10... Check the image below and let me know what color of the rectangle is the one with the uart connections? I had been searching and raspi can be use for see the uarts outputs.
  9. I dont have connected and dont have usb cable . I only have computer with serial rs232 and raspi 1. But this my only tv box so I want to see more development. What specific things I need to connect and beging to test?
  10. Where do you upload the image with the mali X11 ?? I want to test it!
  11. Any change on the kernel? expecialy the " amenc memory error " that I mention before? Any plans for video player with hardware accelerate? like odroid c2play or buildroot bootplayer or kplayer ? I test the bootplayer in the buildroot img and works with audio. But in armbian plays but no audio. Thanks for the images!
  12. balbes150 or other dev... I use the xenial version , the last one . Problem with mono audio of video files plays bad , like fastfoard and sound weird like cartoons voices. I try it on mpv and ffplay both same result. I know that mono audio sounds fine with this device beacause with libreelec sound right. Where I need to start?
  13. balbes150: I know that you don't activate this on the kernel but the error is in both version , original kernel (not activate) and my customize activate amvenc version. I test the last 3.41 and almost all work fine but I need to resolve this: [ 7.016148] amvenc_avc memory resource undefined. [ 7.020853] amvenc_avc memory is invaild, probe fail! [ 7.025528] amvenc_avc: probe of amvenc_avc.0 failed with error -14 I had test all the dtbs that work on my device but don't resolve the error! How?
  14. I am also testing , I am not expert in this things . Here is the source of kernel: https://github.com/kszaq/linux-amlogic/releases/download/3.10-6f2ca61/linux-amlogic-3.10-6f2ca61.tar.xz Config file its attached , was from Balbes original config-3.10.33 with some changes. Others kernels that I had test it and work at least boot... https://github.com/codesnake/linux-amlogic-old/releases/download/3.10-16a1118/linux-amlogic-3.10-16a1118.tar.xz --3.10.61 https://github.com/arco/linux-amlogic/releases/tag/3.10-9263fa9 --3.10.105 If you install all in sdcard , for me ( maybe because its cheap card) but give errors ( input/output , ro ) and sometimes takes more time in the screen off and the on at the boot. 3.10.61.config
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