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  1. If you would like my 'developer' credentials, perhaps I should point you at https://github.com/hamishcoleman That being said, I am not asking for support, nor am I complaining about this shitty device, I just am asking what specific development work - if done (by others - not by you) - would change the default status of this hardware driver back to "enabled"
  2. Yeah, I read that topic some months ago - I was more hoping for a list of what would is needed to re-enable the driver in standard armbian builds. Yes, I can compile it myself, but that doesn't help me when I'm suggesting that other people get this board and use Armbian. Right now, I've ended up telling people to get Armbian installed and then manually install the older kernel version - but then I run the risk that the old kernel .deb will disappear.
  3. I signed up to the forums just so I could add my voice to this ticket. I've been using the Orange pi zeros for a couple of months and was really happy with how well the wifi worked as an access point. So I am a little disturbed to discover that the wifi driver has been disabled and that I need to pin my kernel version (especially since I told thirty other people to get their own Orange pi zero based on my testing...) Is there a list of issues with this driver somewhere?