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  1. Thanks for your help I just read your blog, and i guess that in the new kernel version we just have to go to armbian-config and enable the I2S and that is it. If so, i'm convinced.
  2. Need a little help. What board do you guys recommend for multi-room audio? What a need: - Something small like OPI zero or a bit bigger (that's the space i have inside the wall) - I2S for connecting a DAC - Onboard WiFi - Maybe a Micro and onboad flash I have an OPI Zero but it has no I2S The only ones that i know are C.H.I.P and and nanopi Air
  3. How can we do this on the Armbian Stretch? There is no /boot/script.bin.
  4. Yes the PST73118BETV is hard to find... I was able to find the datasheet and to turn on the regulator i just need to connect the pin 3 to the pin 1, and will stay always on. Thanks Martinayotte, you saved me with that one!
  5. @miczo I elevated the pin 3 and brocked, now i have no Wifi! What now, any idea?
  6. kB reclen write rewrite read reread read write 102400 4 751 720 7118 7114 6195 724 102400 16 7028 7701 9874 10425 9888 62 102400 512 15734 15619 21914 21913 21834 2003 102400 1024 15827 15634 21989 21986 21952 3954 102400 16384 15850 16242 22202 22200 22196 16204
  7. Yes this is a topic from 2016 but i have the same issue on an OrangePi Zero... I have tried every thing on the last 3 days: dpkg --configure -a changed de SD changed the USB Cable changed the PSU changed the OS from debian to Ubuntu What am i missing?