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  1. Yes. But I'm not sure about all dependencies. I already described a few of them above. But if anything goes wrong you still have all configuration files and your data inside the backup. So in a worst case scenario you would need to reinstall the software you're using and simply recover the configuration files from the backup. You can recover your home directory at anytime and if you gather a few insights about the software you're using you'd be able to transfer a single application from one system to another on runtime. A research with: whereis <your-application> an the
  2. You can simply backup your device with rsync -> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Rsync#Full_system_backup Because Armbian is Linux and Linux installs all it software as packages it doesn't depend on a registry like Windows. One big benefit that comes from this is, that you can simply make a "copy" from the whole system. Rsync, in that particular case is able to deal with symlinks and is therefore able to manage a complete image of your system. If the worst case happens and you need to setup your data on a different board you can simply recover it with these steps
  3. Tested this on clearfog base, banana pi m64, banana pi m2+ ## Building and providing The elastic team doesn't provide deb packages for ARM devices. But together with docker, we're able to build the main executable for it. We will create a build directory which includes anything to install filebeat on a ARM device. So please stay inside the build directory the whole time you are using this tutorial. mkdir build && cd $_ ## Prepare source code First we will download, check and extract the source code of filebeat. Source: https://www.elastic.co/
  4. So I read through this thread and there are a few thoughts that came up. I believe when you want to solve a spam problem efficiently one needs to focus on the spam itself and not on the spammers. I'm dealing with lots of spam on my mailservers and manually blacklisting is the least efficient way to solve this problem. In my case 2000 - 10000 Spam mails a month. The main reasons why this is not a good practice are already described in a few posts inside this thread. Automated mail creation for example. So what are the real problems with spam posts? I think the most potential thread,
  5. Hi Igor, it would be an honour to help you on your project. I highly respect this forum and I'm really interested in ARM Technologies and Debian based distributions. My hat's off to the guys at Armbian to manage a huge project like this Besides that I'm using SBCs for server solutions another attempt to get a deeper look into ARM technology was to deal with Banana Pi products on Amazon. This attempt cost me a lot of time and in the end I almost lost my company too. The product line of SinoVoip or Bipai Keji (HK) Limited got messier each month. After they fired my main supporter
  6. @lex yes this file exists on both devices with following content cat /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/name f1072004mdiomii00
  7. Hey guys, thanks for helping me out and sorry for the late response. I checked the thermal_zone as @guidoldescriped cat /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 84164 I also checked the link inside _/etc/armbianmonitor/datasources_ ls -l total 0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 47 Aug 28 10:40 soctemp -> /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp It's all the same on the Clearfog pro as it is on the Clearfog base @lex I cannot find a value like *temp[0-9]_label* But maybe this output can help find /sys/devices/ |grep temp[0-9] /sys
  8. That's really an open minded extension for htop. Fast and simple! I've recognized an issue with temperature on my clearfog pro with Debian buster and stretch. Clearfog Base (Debian Buster) works htop version buster: 2.2.0-3~armbian5.92+1 bpi-m64 (Debian Buster) works htop version buster: 2.2.0-3~armbian5.92+12.1.2-3 bpi-m2+ (Debian Stretch) works htop version stretch: 2.1.2-3 Clearfog pro (Debian Buster and Stretch) doesn't work on a stretch and a buster installation htop version buster: 2.2.0-3~armbian5.92+1 htop version stretch: 2.
  9. Upgrade on a Banana Pi bpi-m2+ and on a Solid-Run Clearfog base also works like a charm I had a problem with my iptables rules. Buster changes the system to use nf_tables or so. I had no time yet to look deeper into this. So for whom that needs the iptables rules, you can switch back to iptables. update-alternatives --set iptables /usr/sbin/iptables-legacy
  10. @Igor Thanks for the work. Struggled around with an Icinga2 installation on a bpi-m64 with stretch. Upgraded to Debian Buster, installed the Icinga2 package from within the Debian repositories and everything works : )
  11. I summarized the content of a few sites and wrote a complete installation guide for Armbian on a Clearfog pro and Clearfog base. You will need a FAT formatted USB Stick where you can store the Armbian image and some bootloader files an USB A to microUSB B cable Clearfog Base or Pro with a power adapter Prepare installation files mkdir -p /opt/clearfog_installation cd /opt/clearfog_installation curl https://wiki.solid-run.com/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=products:a38x:software:debian:clearfog-emmc-v3.tar.gz --output clearfog-emmc-v3.tar.gz tar xfz clearfog-emmc-v3.tar.gz