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  1. Trials until this far: Older Armbian_5.20_Lime2_Ubuntu_xenial_4.7.3 image: - rebooting works - rebooting after unattended upgrade works - rebooting after apt upgrade works once, no more thereafter Older Armbian_5.24_Lime2_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.9.5 image: - rebooting works - apt-mark hold linux-u-boot-lime2-etc - rebooting after apt upgrade works once, no more thereafter Nighly Armbian_5.27.170614_Lime2_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.11.4 image: - rebooting does not work Newest Armbian_5.31_Lime2_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.11.5 image: - rebooting does not work
  2. Timple

  3. You pointed me in the right direction. A lime2 image without emmc works (with sd card of course). I'll try to pinpoint the faulty code edit: let me revoke that statement, it rebooted fine two times. After 10 minutes it failed... edit2: reflashed same image, rebooted once, after that powerdown again. Any other options I can try?
  4. When I do a reboot the Olimex Lime2-emmc shuts down. No more information is shown on the display. This happens with the latest Armbian_5.31_Lime2_Debian_jessie_next_4.11.5 image from the website. It also happens with a self-build image with u-boot v2017.07 and v2017.05 Any ideas? Or debugging directions? I am out of options after 2 days...