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  1. Thanks a lot. I confirm that the new config kernel works for Wheezy (3.14.28/58). Yes, I want to use it as a server, but I have a problem with strongswan 5.2.1 or kernel 4.2.8. I succeded to compile a custom kernel, based on 4.2.8, with everything that strongswan (5.2.1) needs to work, but even if I can start and establish the tunnel, I can't access any device at the other end of the tunnel (udoo side). I tried to establish a IPSEC tunnel. That was the reason I returned to the legacy kernel (because with strongswan 5.0.4, I can make the VPN work). Honestly, I would like to use the vanilla kernel with strongswan 5.2.1, but I really need to have ipsec working, and I couldn't make it work. My guess is that strongswan (5.2.1) has a bug, that's why I can't make it work, the way I want. I spent hundreds of hours to make it work, but no success. The bad thing is that I can't debug anything because the daemon tells me that everything is allright, but it still doesn't work (no ping, no nothing). Thanks again for your help. Now, I can start to make us of 'udoo board' the way I wanted. Best regards, Chris
  2. Thank you very much. I will test, and come back with feedback. Chris
  3. OK. I hoped I can use my already (custom) compiled kernel as it is... Waiting for fix. Thanks. Chris
  4. Yes, but I also tried with the standard one (and it is the same). I compiled my own kernel using the master branch script, few days ago. I would like to use my own kernel. Thank you.
  5. I use the legacy kernel 3.14.28 (Armbian 4.5) Wheezy, and upgraded to a custom kernel (3.14.58). Sorry, I forgot to mention, the script finishes successfully but when rebooting, the u-boot stucks saying "Loading kernel...", and that's all, it's staying there forever. Thank you. Chris
  6. Hi, I also have problems in booting from SATA with UDOO Quad. I used the "nand-sata-install" script, it completed successfuly, but I still can't boot from SATA. In the past I succeded to boot from SATA with older u-boot (2013 version), as I remember I had to use an uImage. Please help me make an uSD card with the newer u-boot (2015 version) and the uImage for Kernel 3.14.28 (Wheezy) so I can boot from SATA. Thank you. Chris
  7. SOLVED! Thanks for suggestions to both of you (Igor and Zador) I finally succeeded! It worked only on master branch (Vanilla Kernel), on the second one it failed at the u-boot compile time (both kernels) (I will come back later with specific error). Yes, in /boot the config file is my custom one, as it should be. For safety I followed both of your suggestions: 1. KERNEL_CONFIGURE="yes" 2. USE_CCACHE="no" 3. KERNEL_KEEP_CONFIG="yes" Compiled the new kernel, and It worked perfectly. I hope this will help others who are trying to compile their own custom kernel. Greetings. I will come back with more feedback later. Thanks alot to both of you. Chris
  8. The debs are allright now, but it seems that I still have an old problem. I customized the (Vanilla) kernel and compiled it, but even if a changed in the file 'FORCE_CHECKOUT="no"' it seems that the kernel was compiled with standard config not as I configured it in the configuration stage, after installing all debs, I couldn't see the modules I included. Please help. Thank you. Chris
  9. Thank you for your quick answer and fixes. I will test it again, and come back with feedback.
  10. The compiling of the new kernel was successful, but after installing the kernel debs (dtb, image, firmware, headers, etc) I wasn't able to boot the board anymore. The U-Boot says that it can't find the bzimage (the file has only 24K after installing the kernel image). First error of u-boot said something like that: "it can't find a filename: that contains "dts/udoo-$$$-hdmi.dtb" in it's name. (I can't remember the full name). Please help. Thank you. Chris
  11. Thanks alot. I will come back with results. Chris.
  12. Hi, I also have problems in compiling the latest kernel (udoo quad). It doesn't clone correctly (git issue ?!) the u-boot-neo folder content anymore (the folder is almost empty, it doesn't contain what it should), so the compiling stops with error at that point. I use Ubuntu Trusty Server x64 distro to compile the kernel. I tried dozens of times, literally, with no luck, to compile a custom kernel that includes (netfilter and other repos for strongswan) for IPSEC VPN, but it always hangs at the same point, intel driver error. Please help. Thanks. Chris