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  1. How to change the sampling frequency reading from AXP209? In the code you gave several options from 25hz to 200hz.
  2. AFAIK, from last year, there are some new driver for AXP209/202 PMU for mainline kernel. One of the main new features that i really like is custom sampling frequency compared to the original driver for linux kernel 3.4 (i just remember the interval are 2 seconds). I want to use AXP209 PMU for power/energy profiling and consumption study of some SBC such as Banana Pi/Pro and some other Allwinner based SBC as comparison. The question is How i want to know current sampling frequency from PMU and how to change the frequency? (25, 50, 100 or 200Hz) What is the reasonable/best practice to write the captured power consumption value (with timestamp) into some logfile or send it through serial communication? if possible without effecting the power consumption itself? I tried AXP209 driver for linux kernel 3.4 and using i2c command to write the captured power consumption value into logfile but it seem the process itself consumed a lot of power. p/s - I don't have professional electric/electronic background. I just learn it from internet.
  3. Hello everybody. AFAIK Banana PI M1+ share the same costumed Armbian OS with Banana Pro. The Armbian can run pretty well without any changes on my Banana Pro. The problem is, with the same OS image, the on-board WiFi is not working and i can't remember what im doing (what i remember is I do something inside /boot directory), then the WiFi is detected and working properly on my Banana Pi M1+. My simple question is What is the right way to configure Armbian for Banana Pi M1+ after installation? I assume all the default configuration is for Banana Pro and we need some tweak for Banana Pi M1+ especially to enable on-board WiFi and to use GPIO properly.