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  1. data

    OrangePi Lite2 USB3 working...

    Well, this is probably beyond my skills, but if you tell me where to start or send me a patch or modified kernel, I can try it out and post the results. Since the AP6255 is supposed to be the same chipset as used in the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, there should be some documentation available?!
  2. Hey guys, I just compiled and installed v5.56 (Armbian_5.56_Orangepilite2_Debian_stretch_next_4.17.14.img) and am really pleased to see USB3 working now! Thank you very much! So, what is needed to bring the AP6255 SDIO Adapter to live?
  3. data

    Trying to compile Pine H64

    ... I just noticed that this thread is Pine H64 related, so I moved my post to an own topic at
  4. Which still leaves my questions unanswered...
  5. Well, I have the original case with the expansion module. If I had a printer I wouldn't have asked :-)
  6. I need to attach some devices via spi and i2c to an orange pi zero but would like to keep it in its original case. Just soldering a few wires to the gpio pins and drilling a hole in the case isn't really an option. I am looking for a nice and clean way. Browsing through AliExpress looking for connectors has not revealed any suitable options so far. I already thought about adding an 2.54mm 2x26 Pin Male Double Row Right Angle Pin Header and cut a suitable hole to the case but I guess it would protrude too much. Which connector do you recommend? It should have at least 4 contacts. Has anyone modified the case and added some small connectors? Photos? Looking for your suggestions