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  1. @dziobak Thank you very much for your reply. Prior to running the script, I changed to regulator.4 as suggested in your post above. Once I've tried different voltages I'll let you know the results.
  2. Since I had no better idea, I tried stabilitytester as suggested: The lite2 freezes always when stabilitytester reaches this: TEST Freq: 816 MHz Soc temp: 40.92 ℃ CPU Freq: 816 MHz CPU Core: 960 mV TEST Freq: 888 MHz Soc temp: 40.59 ℃ CPU Freq: 888 MHz CPU Core: 960 mV TEST Freq: 1080 MHz Soc temp: 42.13 ℃ CPU Freq: 1080 MHz CPU Core: 960 mV TEST Freq: 1320 MHz Soc temp: 52.48 ℃ CPU Freq: 1320 MHz CPU Core: 960 mV I added additional cooling and now, it reboots instead of freeze So is this a voltage related issue?
  3. There was no load on the Lite2. I just keep it on to see how stable it is.
  4. On the Lite2, I am experiencing a complete freeze every few (1-3) days. This is happening since the past two or three weeks The system stops responding and I have to power off and on again. There is nothing in any of the logs. It's as if one would pull the plug. Can this be related to the modified voltages?
  5. Ok, Lite2 boots fine now with the current updates. From what I see, uart1 is now enabled by default and listed as ttyS1 in dmesg. Any idea, why I still can not enable bluetooth via hciattach /dev/ttyS1 ... ? How can I test if uart1 is actually working?
  6. Have the changes been updated also in the Lite2 version?
  7. In order to make bluetooth work, you need to check if uart1 is declared properly in the dts/dtb and enabled. Then proceed with hcitool...
  8. So, does this mean the current nightly for the Lite2 may most likely work if I use a 'legacy' dtb?
  9. @dolphs Which image have you used?
  10. Probably you have to wait a little bit longer. The latest nightly is still from the 7th/8th at this moment...
  11. @Igor Thank you very much for your efforts! Will this be incorporated in the Lite2 image as well from tormorrow?
  12. Orange Pi Lite2 affected as well: After upgrading to the latest nightly (Jun-01), it does not boot anymore :(
  13. Great, thank you! Once I've tried it, I'll report back here.
  14. Lite2 has an AP6255 connected to UART1
  15. Do you know if these patches are included in the current lite2 built?