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  1. I had try,but failed. My problem is that analogue line-out output noise like electricity sound. And when I play music, the system go to crash. Oh~~~! I found that is my jack's problem! This jace can't be put headset with mic in it. My system crash by my power amplifier's line. I make left & right output GND in one trumpet. And my seller said that it can't be same way. Thank you.
  2. I run Armbian_5.30_Orangepizero_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113 in my zero. I add headset in jack, A noise start with system boot and never stop,I try play music with pygame, at first can play with noise, and system crash soon. I have to reboot it by power line.
  3. I had solved this problem by my friend. Run this script sunxi-pio -m "PG11<1><0><1><1>" modprobe gc2035 modprobe vfe_v4l2 The most import is that don't load gc2035 & vfe_v4l2 before. So you had better remove it in /etc/modules This is my /etc/modules #w1-sunxi #w1-gpio #w1-therm #gc2035 #vfe_v4l2 #sunxi-cir #v4l2loopback you may see /dev/video0, but when you reboot, it lose again I add my scrip to /etc/rc.local this is my /etc/rc.local sunxi-pio -m "PG11<1><0><1><1>" modprobe gc2035 modprobe vfe_v4l2 sleep 5 modprobe v4l2loopback devices=2 /root/vidcopy/vidcopy -w 640 -h 480 -r 30 -i /dev/video0 -o /dev/video1 -f UYVY sleep 5 /root/vidcopy/vidcopy -w 640 -h 480 -r 30 -i /dev/video1 -o /dev/video2 -f UYVY exit 0 Thanks my friend: "虚耗"
  4. I found it’s my problem in 5.14. In alsamixer I change setting to output the voice. But I still can't access the camera in 5.30.
  5. Hello, every one. I have two boards (pi one and pc plus). When I use Armbian_5.14_Orangepione_Ubuntu_xenial_3.4.112 Or Armbian_5.14_Orangepipcplus_Ubuntu_xenial_3.4.112, I can find /dev/video0 and use it by motion. But audio output is error. When I use Armbian_5.30_Orangepione_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113 Or Armbian_5.30_Orangepipcplus_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113, I can't find /dev/video0. But audio output working fine. I'm try to recompile https://github.com/avafinger/gc2035, but faild( just fllow the BSP example) Anybody know how can I do ? Thank you.
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