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  1. Update: getting another brand new card (same model, all bought at the same time) seems to have fixed the problem.
  2. I have a strange problem with my R2S. I grabbed latest buster and focal images, burned them using Balena Etcher onto a pair of 32GB SanDisk Extreme Cards and neither is booting. Serial console shows that boot process gives up waiting for root file system and drops me into initramfs shell. Looking into /dev, I see no mmcblk0 device (or any other block device apart from loops). If I now eject and re-insert the card, the device shows up. If I do it during boot process, while the board is still waiting for rootfs, boot process continues correctly. Reboots are fine, but if I unplug the board for longer than a second it's back to initramfs for me. Serial log:
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