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  1. Thanks for too much help, finally installed mini-dlna besides transmission-daemon I'm trying to do some Python's stuff to fix own problems jeje Regards
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to set up transmission daemon + some webserver who can play some video or let smart tv watching some video or listening music, any idea? Thank you very much
  3. Hi everyone! That's getting me off... I though it was plug&play but didn't, Anyone can help me giving me the solution to this problem? Thank you very much Kind Regards
  4. Hi everyone! My first post is for asking for some help... I'm still waiting for some Armbian testing for my Orange PI PC 2, because I'm using Android right now (XunLong custom) and It's perfect for do some Kodi stuff and something else... but I'm missing some LTS software on this board to test multiple things to do. There's some interesting Armbian for this board today, I will set up some KODI and few things to test... ? (Not experimental & not by command-line) Thank you very much Kind Regards