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  1. Thank you Igor your quick answer! I apologize for my inattention, I didn't suspect, that "Documentation" button have another function, than open the drop-down menu. So I changed the display settings in boot.cmd and banana.bin too and tried some supported resolutions (720p 60Hz, 720p 50Hz, 480p), but these didn't work for me. I guess, my monitor hates fruits... Andrew
  2. Hi, I try to run Armbian 4.5 (Bananapi Ubuntu trusty 3.4.109 desktop) on my Banana Pi M1+, but after the "Starting kernel..." prompt the monitor show only the "No signal" warning. (I connect the Banana Pi to my monitor with HDMI - DVI converter, I will be able to try it with single HDMI cable a few days later.) However, it boots. I have a lot of tries to change the boot.cmd and the banana.bin, but I didn't achieve satisfying result. The result of dmesg: What can I try to solve it? Thank you very much for the help! Andrew