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  1. Hello, Has anybody successfully used the IR sensor on Banana Pi M2? From this, after I load the sunxi-cir module, I should see the sensor in /sys/class/rc/ but I see nothing. Nothing on dmesg either. Anyone who could point me in the right direction?
  2. Aha! No wonder CONFIG_USB_MUSB_GADGET=y always had that's decided at compile time. Thanks! I did find a lot of "gadget" related handling in musb, now I have to figure out if MUSB_PORT_MODE_DUAL_ROLE supports gadget mode. And, if I have the right .config to make it work (assuming it's expected to work on A31 based boards).
  3. I am using the 4.4-rc6 kernel. You were exactly right about device tree config! Setting dr_mode to "otg" (and CONFIG_USB_MUSB_DUAL_ROLE=y) gets rid of the "Invalid or missing 'dr_mode' property" error, but then there nothing in dmesg about musb (and right now I don't have an OTG cable to test if the host mode is working) Setting dr_mode to "host" (CONFIG_USB_MUSB_HOST=y) gave the following # dmesg | grep musb [ 107.463859] musb-hdrc: ConfigData=0xde (UTMI-8, dyn FIFOs, bulk combine, bulk split, HB-ISO Rx, HB-ISO Tx, SoftConn) [ 107.463903] musb-hdrc: MHDRC RTL version 0.0 [ 107.463937] musb-hdrc: 11/11 max ep, 5184/8192 memory [ 107.464250] musb-hdrc MUSB HDRC host driver [ 107.464299] musb-hdrc new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 3 [ 107.465117] usb usb3: Manufacturer: Linux 4.4.0-rc6-sunxi musb-hcd [ 107.465135] usb usb3: SerialNumber: So, I assume it is working (again, unable to test it at the moment). Setting dr_mode to "otg" (and CONFIG_USB_MUSB_GADGET=y) always gives an error musb-sunxi 1c19000.usb: Invalid or missing 'dr_mode' property musb-sunxi: probe of 1c19000.usb failed with error -22
  4. Thanks! I had CONFIG_USB_MUSB_DUAL_ROLE=y instead of CONFIG_USB_MUSB_HOST=y Also, I had to enable usb_otg in the dtb for BPI M2 And, now musb is printing something to dmesg, although it's an error: [ 74.232805] musb-sunxi 1c19000.usb: Invalid or missing 'dr_mode' property [ 74.239659] musb-sunxi: probe of 1c19000.usb failed with error -22
  5. Thanks for that pastebin, I had no clue that musb was applicable for sun*i devices too. musb is all but quiet on this machine Which def_config are you using?
  6. Yup, the BPI-M2 Android kernel is too "limiting" too. Because my final aim is to experiment with configfs gadgets (which seems more full-featured in the mainline kernel), but for some reason, Android refuses to boot if I do not enable android_usb. I didn't try to load any modules manually. I'll try that now.
  7. I was able to boot with a 4.4-rc6 kernel, but USB peripheral drivers don't seem to be present (at least /sys/class/udc is empty) Guess, only Android images have this working --
  8. Yup, dmesg says ttyS0 is the serial port. I did some digging around to learn a little more about U-boot and DTBs Here's the commit that adds sun6i-a31s-sinovoip-bpi-m2 to the Makefile, but I can't figure out why sun6i-a31s-bananapi-m2.dts is still in the tree and when/why it was removed from the Makefile. While the BPI-Mainline-uboot Makefile contains only sun6i-a31s-bananapi-m2.dts I tried rebuilding the debs after changing the defconfig in U-boot. But the kernel doesn't boot anyway. How do I see the detailed logs? I did change the loglevel in boot.cmd to 8, but the verbosity remains the same.
  9. Thanks for your time, Igor! My serial console shows almost the same output I get on HDMI, I guess the verbosity needs to be bumped up somehow.
  10. Wow! That was quick!! Surprisingly, both sun6i-a31s-bananapi-m2.dts and sun6i-a31s-sinovoip-bpi-m2.dts are in the tree! Just curious - where do I look for the U-boot logs?
  11. Exact same story But there's some hope (just to keep myself happy) - I randomly came across phy-sun4i-usb.ko (assuming it is also applicable for sun6i) in the modules list
  12. Thanks for the M2 debs! It is failing to boot though, and gets stuck when "starting kernel" (screenshot) There was one error when installing the new DTB dpkg: error processing archive linux-dtb-dev-sunxi_5.00_armhf.deb (--install): trying to overwrite '/boot/dtb/sun8i-a33-et-q8-v1.6.dtb', which is also in package linux-dtb-next-sunxi 4.5 I'll try the H3 debs now
  13. Wanted to confirm if that was a Banana Pi M2 image, because it didn't even boot