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  1. Thank you devs for a great work with persistence. Have been using OPi3 for a week now with all possible workload scenarios for me. It is performing better than RPi4b.
  2. Tried both barrel and Micro USB. Tried few power adapters too. same result. Tried 2/2.5/3/4 AMP adapters. I also notice this board runs much cooler when booted from SDcard. I believe @Igor explained in above post. Have to wait for 5.4 to bring the dead out of grave.
  3. On last build, random reboots happening when under load of greater than 30%. I tried EMMC boot and SDCard boot. EXT4 Rootfs and btrfs. Applications requiring "mono" and LXD, definitely crashes the system. Changing CPU governor also definitely crashes the system. just to clarify no issues on power input. I also ran "stress" test to generate 100% load, it crashes instantly. If this is not known, happy to provide other details if required.
  4. I witness changes at Nightly Downloads. List is empty. Package base states "Buster Stable". Anyone can help me understand as I see "WIP" at OPi3. Has it entered into stable release or is it just the web page changes?
  5. I have no technical explanation to my workaround but I tried: Remove fakehwclock apt purge --autoremove fake-hwclock Reinstall fakehwclock and install ntpdate: apt update apt install -y fake-hwclock ntpdate Install hourly cron job to save the time from ntpdate command (Since system drifted in 1978, still communicates over IP (non-secured;ssh won't work): touch /etc/cron.hourly/ntpdate chmod 755 /etc/cron.hourly/ntpdate echo "/usr/sbin/ntpdate -4 -b -u 0.debian.pool.ntp.org" > /etc/cron.hourly/ntpdate Since my last reported problem (on this forum), I didn't get the issue (fact remains, the issue is intermittent). No harm in trying though! I didn't change anything else (CPU speed etc). I am on OPi+2E.
  6. issue is getting intense... frequency of the incident is increasing. I am on OPi+2E buster. 2 time travel incidents in 10 hours. No changes or updates applied, same system ran for 2 weeks.
  7. CPU heating up badly. Ambient 26C with heatsink installed. #5.97.190917 Welcome to Debian Buster with Armbian Linux 5.3.0-sunxi64 System load: 0.00 0.00 0.00 Up time: 4:12 hours Memory usage: 5 % of 1993MB IP: CPU temp: 63°C Usage of /: 25% of 7.1G No hidden system load generator processes
  8. Upgraded to #5.97.190916 an hour ago and noticed Thermal reading is back. Left the system complete idle for an hour. After hour, I noticed thermal reading of 58C while ambient is 26C. It has a good heatsink installed. I remember old days on the board when it was that hot or may be more in idle state.
  9. Already using it for Kodi. It works really well actually. As mentioned few posts above, desktop builds are available but without sound.
  10. Without sound yes. https://laet.pw/index.php/s/M2eXJKll5sdnlBN Courtesy: @Werner
  11. DEVS - Can you please add "md-mod" for mdadm in nightly builds?
  12. VERSION=5.96.190908 Nothing very unusual on dmesg. Booted fine. Regarding thermal reading, yes it's broken in latest builds. It will be great if devs can also fix LED. A booted OPi3 has soft "green" system LED. Right now it's 'really' RED.
  13. Stretch did the same. Changed power supply and it booted fine.
  14. Full initialization error on 190606 and bootloop on 190605 & 190604. Debian Buster. Going to try 190606 Stretch.
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