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  1. Already using it for Kodi. It works really well actually. As mentioned few posts above, desktop builds are available but without sound.
  2. Without sound yes. Courtesy: @Werner
  3. DEVS - Can you please add "md-mod" for mdadm in nightly builds?
  4. VERSION=5.96.190908 Nothing very unusual on dmesg. Booted fine. Regarding thermal reading, yes it's broken in latest builds. It will be great if devs can also fix LED. A booted OPi3 has soft "green" system LED. Right now it's 'really' RED.
  5. Stretch did the same. Changed power supply and it booted fine.
  6. Full initialization error on 190606 and bootloop on 190605 & 190604. Debian Buster. Going to try 190606 Stretch.
  7. Is there any page from where I could track the commits specific to OPi3 hardware?
  8. I also ran Nightly builds for pretty long with 3 USB Disks (USB3 UASP) with BTRFS RAID1 with 3 Disks. Didn't witness any issue.
  9. I got the exact same issue. OPi_2E. 4.19.62-sunxi #5.92 SMP Wed Jul 31 22:07:23 CEST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux
  10. Thanks. So S812 is EOL with 5.77 version (Desktop)?
  11. I explored LibreElec nightly for OPi3. A quick DTS file comparison reveals HDMI setup is different, sound section is missing in Armbian DTS & couple of noticeable parameters. differences also including GPU (LibreElec) is using Panfrost Midgard. 4K output and sound in Kodi is nearly perfect in LibreElec. LibreElec Nightly is posted here: "" Attached is LibreElec DTS too. sun50i-h6-orangepi-3-libreelec.dts
  12. desperately waiting for sound over HDMI patch...Ubuntu Desktop posted on does have a sound over HDMI but display itself is very poor.
  13. Good luck....awaiting update!
  14. I used Buster... I felt some stability issues but it booted fine. Before that couple of June versions also worked for me..... Check your SDcard....with some cheap cards I felt issues with Balena but same cards Win32DiskImager worked.... I don't think I was super lucky to have Buster booted for me only....
  15. Just tried but failed while compiling..... "[ failed ]" while the other patch was still applied before this. Anything to do with changing order of both sound patches?