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  1. Hi, I need help. I've compiled the kernel, installed it with dpkg, but it keeps booting from the upstream kernel, how to set the env var to force the new kernel??
  2. Hi, I am trying to get an armhf mainline image for rk3399 and another one for other amlogic socs (s9xx) to test panfrost and lima properly. Many propietary binaries/libs are armhf, also many dynarec are armhf only alongside box86 emulator. Ive tried several attempts with no success to boot. Chroots have been useful for now.. but aren't that friendly, also, multiarch its not that great on arm, mesa 32 and 64 goes in conflict all the time. ive read an old post about this topic. Essentially it said you need to create an image for a 32 bit board and replace the uboot and kernel, also, set the proper dtb.. ive tried several times, also edited other stuff on /etc to set the arm64 kernel.. but it doesnt boot.
  3. Hi, I am testing mesa panfrost on RK3399 and I am facing an odd problem. When joint the chroot as root I get mesa working but if I join as pi, the user, I cant get it working and I've receive just a soft render (llvmpipe) How this could be fixed?? any experience??
  4. After a reinstallation of the script, the mpv works like a charm.. don't know what happened the first time..
  5. I've tested it on m4, and I found it very useful but with a lot of defects: Kodi won't start, it throw me out of x11, and it can't create a gui after that (which is expected). The chromium on docker doesn't launch at all. The mpv (gbm) it's unresponsive on the playback manipulation with keyboard. I could quit but nothing more than that.
  6. I've made my own mainline armbian for m4v2 and it's running surprisingly great so far. Did the media script work with mainline? Bc I could compile panfrost outside the system and just preload it.
  7. I have problems with m4v2, while there is no dtb of that board on the 5.5 images, I've use the m4 and it boots perfectly, wifi doesn't work, but when I connect a USB wifi antenna x11 crash hard several times
  8. Hi, I am testing Panfrost on Rockpi4 with 5.2 kernel. The driver should run better on wayland, there is any way to run a wayland session??
  9. Hi!! I have a radxa rockpi4 and I cant replace the kernel that comes on it (4.4? dont remember). its from the official radxa page because the two versions here didnt boot at all (red lights). My main goal its to test panfrost. I am not familiar with armbian at all. I've tried utilising the defconf from radxa ( with fork and mainline from torvalds and none of them boot when replace the Image, the dtb (and change it on armbianenv.txt) , install the modules ande the firmware... first. how i could follow the boot process...see the console output like on raspbian?? because I am blind here. thanks on advance
  10. Another thing, kodi doesnt work propperly, just open a console and the desktop, repetedly 3 times, like a resolution problem.
  11. Hi everyone, let me try to speakEnglishhahaha I tried all day to run Ubuntu xenial on my OTT x96 905x device... unfortunately doesn't happen like my desire. I follow all the instructions, charge the os on my sd card, let multi-boot and boom, Ubuntu mate show up but in a not optimal performance at all. but I did something obviously wrong. I don't have my .dtb image in the dtb (+kernel version) folder, I use belink and vega96, which at least let me boot Ubuntu. but like I say, the mp4 sample playback was horrible and wifi doesn't work, imagine that wifi is for other matters like drivers. I download my stock android ROM, but the .dtb in doesn't work, ubuntu doesn't boot at all. I expect any suggestion, please, I hate my fucking life hahaha hahaha I need get work my original .dtb and get wifi works... because I have my stock ROM, I think the drivers are there... somewhere I don't use Linux for a while.... long time ago Dear mates, Salvador From Argentina, a nightmare country