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  1. @SteeManby any chance is there any way to flash a image to my android tv box emmc via usb burning tool and use it as a sbc and flash images to an sdcard and boot of it without needing to hack the vendors u boot and without needing to use u-boot.ext, aml_autoscript, s905_autoscript and emmc_script and only use the extlinux and kernel images and ramdisk images, just not have to care about things breaking and flash the newest uboot to andorid tv box emmc so it can boot linux distros from sdcard without needing to use u-boot.ext file (this was just a thought that came in my mind).
  2. @SteeMan thanks for all the information you have gave me about u-boot on amlogic devices. I have two last questions. Question 1. are rockchip tv boxes any different from amlogic tv boxes? Is here any difference between running linux on amlogic and running linux on rockchip? is it any easier? Question 2. Is there any other place where i can talk to you like discord or something else where i can get answers reletavily quickly rather than armbian forum where it takes 1 day sometimes 2 or 3 hours since both of us have different timezones.
  3. Does booting from manjaro, armbian, archlinux and kali linux on my android tv box without reflashing the rom do anything or make any difference to the enviroment variables?(all of those distros use the u-boot.ext, extlinux.conf method)
  4. i opened that file with a text editor and saw there was some code like this at the end of that file if fatload ${devtype} ${devnum} 0x1000000 u-boot.ext; then go 0x1000000; fi;
  5. totally offtopic but @SteeMan does booting from the old dtb.img boot method disables the u-boot.ext, extlinux.conf method? one day i tried emuelec on my android tv box it wrorked but after a bit of tinkering around with it i got bored and tried to boot to my manjaro arm sdcard but it wouldent boot, it just boots to the android recovery, so i had to reflash the android rom on my android tv box and after reflashing it was booting fine(i had to reinstall manjaro cause all the files on it was owened by 0123 and all the permisssions were messed up). is that supposed to happen? My android tv box is "Tanix tx3 max" with amlogic s905w SoC
  6. @SteeMan and @usual user thanks for the reply. i know what most of the stuff do in the boot directotry, i know that the extlinux.conf file specifies the kernel image, the ramdisk image, dtb file, the bootagrs, which is the rootfs parition and where to mount it (obviously on /). havent figured out what the s905_autoscript and , emmc_autoscript exactly does yet but iam pretty sure boot.ini loads the u-boot.ext file (i might be wrong). thats basically it, i even got official archlinux working without any errors by using the u-boot.ext, aml_autoscript, boot.ini, emmc_autoscript, s905_autoscript, extlinux/extlinux.conf, "Image" (kernel file for archlinux comes with the rootfs), "initramfs-linux.img" (ramdis image for archlinux this also comes with the rootfs.), after that specify the kernel image and ramdisk images in extlinux.conf file. after that i just paste those files in the fat32 boot partition and extract the arch rootfs in the ext4 partition and just install a display manager and a desktop enviorment and install the "xf86-video-fbturbo-git" package from pacman that package is the key because those are the mali video drivers without them xorg will show no screens found. but i would love to know how to build the u-boot-s905, u-boot-s905x2-s922 and u-boot-s905x-s912 files by myself.also is there any way to build the s905_autoscript and emmc_autosciprt and boot.ini by myself?
  7. @SteeMan @hexdump. is there any place where i can learn about all the boot args that are specified in the last line of extlinux.conf?also i couldent seem to be able to find the multiboot image from balbes150 can anyone give me the link?
  8. @ning what does vendor u-boot mean? does it mean that the android tv box ships with a customized version of u-boot?(i might be wayy off here)
  9. @hexdump i want to learn how to compile u-boot from source and use it for booting arm64 linux distros from a sdcard or pendrive, how can that brick my android tv box?
  10. @SteeMan i want to learn how to compile u-boot from source and use it like balbes did in his armbian boot directory.like how to build the u-boot.ext, boot.ini, aml_autoscript and soo on
  11. @SteeMan he dosent support amlogic anymore but are you intrested in amlogic?
  12. @SteeMan balbes150 is a legend he spend 4 years of his life on a project hes not gonna earn money.
  13. @SteeMani guess hes more in rockchip SOCs now
  14. @SteeMan i only want to know how he learned about the development of linux on android tv boxes, since he made armbian. Iam not asking him to get back to amlogic tv boxes development. i just want to gain more knowledge about amlogic devices so i can get better at it.
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