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    Patrick reacted to tkaiser in Odroid C2 - update to v5.44 / v5.45 not working?   
    Well, every other week the same question is asked here so the mechanism to display a random version number contained in /etc/armbian-release that is part of one specific package that doesn't get updated each time Armbian version number is increased is obviously misleading.
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    Patrick reacted to ebin-dev in Espressobin support development efforts   
    The vendor provided flash image released this month can be downloaded from here and I have tested it on a 1G board. There are currently only two flash-images available (1G and 2G, 1000_800).
    I have selected an EspressoBin board that was not able to run stable with 1000_800 anymore after being exposed to excessive thermal strain for at least an hour (running fully loaded without any cooling) while being exposed to a gnd loop (not by myself :-) ). However that board was still stable with Armbian firmware 800_800 afterwards (even with cpufreq enabled).
    I can confirm that the new vendor provided flash image for the 1G EspressoBin solves the stability issue - the above board now seems to run stable with 1000_800 again. I have tested that with ARMBIAN 5.41.180208 nightly Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.14.23-mvebu64 (with cpufreq enabled).
    That are good news.
    However, a quick RAM speed test seems to indicate a 14% lower RAM speed.
    You are invited to post your observations in this thread.
    Edit: RAM speed is reduced by only 2% on other boards.
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    Patrick reacted to ebin-dev in Espressobin support development efforts   
    Thanks Tazz for the hint. I have constantly monitored Marvell sources on github but I did not see any changes relevant to EspressoBin since October last year.
    I have made available my build scripts to Armbian deveopers last year - to rebuild EspressoBin firmware with the refreshed parts should only take a few minutes.
    (Unfortunately my  build system is currently not working due to a hardware issue)
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    Patrick reacted to chrisf in Espressobin support development efforts   
    I found all the firmware with 800mhz ram speed is dodgy. It must be a marginal board layout issue of the ram won't run stable at its rated speed.
    We just have to put up with lower memory bandwidth on a board that already wasn't all that fast (single channel 16 bit memory interface).
    Isn't it similar to the first ever DDR PC's 15 years ago? They had 64 bit bus width, 200mhz.
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    Patrick reacted to Igor in Espressobin support development efforts   
    It's now packed separately. I'll check ...
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    Patrick reacted to ebin-dev in Espressobin support development efforts   
    @Igor Thank you for the update. I have just contacted our friends from Free Electrons - support for the Marvell Security Engine of the EspressoBin is probably finished within the next weeks and is exprected to be part of the crypto tree in Mainline 4.16. I`ll keep you informed.
    I have just updated my EspressoBin with the latest nightly builds: unfortunately 'armbian-config' has disappeared - is someone working on it ?
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    Patrick reacted to tkaiser in Espressobin support development efforts   
    Please test both network and storage individually (iperf3 and iozone)
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    Patrick reacted to arm-push in Espressobin support development efforts   
    I'm using 1200_750 and I've never had any issues. I think it's the stable one.
    With the settings I mentioned above, I can get around 78 to 80 MiB/s write rate over 1G Ethernet network.
    As @tkaiser mentioned, I have done quick tests and it seems that the CPU is not powerful enough to exceed about 80 MiB/s. CPU utilization reaches 100%, mainly the application ( vsftpd in my case ) and kernel threads related to virtual memory contribute to that.
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    Patrick reacted to umiddelb in Espressobin support development efforts   
    Actually yes. I've removed the partitioning information from the dts and pass it as a kernel parameter. 
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    Patrick reacted to Igor in Espressobin support development efforts   
    I updated u-boot and now even mPCI works, but not the most interesting one Atheros AC WiFi. I tried few others and updated compatibility list on the download page: There are also quick instructions with links to u-boot download that one can update his Espresso. It's a progress.

    Do we have/know where are temperature readings?
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    Patrick got a reaction from lanefu in Espressobin support development efforts   
    STP is probably

    Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    Patrick reacted to lupus in Espressobin support development efforts   
    u-boot 17.08.1 flash images for all combinations of Marvell supported CPU/DDR3 frequencies (600/600, 800/800, 1000/800, 1200/750)
    With kind support of @Igor and @aldzune I could build and test u-boot 17.08.1 and 17.06.3 flash images for all frequency combinations indicated above (boot snippets 17.08: and 17.06: , available functions: ). 
    The flash-image.bin files (u-boot-images.tar.gz are attached below) just have to be resident in the root directory of a USB stick attached to the Espressobin and they can be flashed at the u-boot prompt:
    Marvell>> bubt flash-image-XXX_YYY.bin spi usb       
    (XXX: CPU Frequency, YYY: DDR3 Frequency)
    'ARMBIAN 5.32.170817 nightly Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.4.82-mvebu64' boots smoothly in all 4 scenarios (see i.e. ). (A static IP address is assigned in /etc/network/interfaces to get rid of the 'raise network interface' issue)
    With the new firmware I receive I/O errors after some time while accessing the sd card.
    The firmware needs to be properly tested by Marvell / Globalscale Technologies and made available by them.
    Please contact Globalscale Technologoies / Marvell if you are interested in a more recent firmware.