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  1. Thanks for letting us know...what's wrong with Ubuntu ?? I've put on hold these packages for now with the following command: apt-mark hold libsystemd0 libpam-systemd systemd systemd-sysv I hope they get this sorted out especially with the recent vulnerabilities discovered in systemd !
  2. Thank you very much for the instructions, I had the exact same issue ! My first thought was an SD card issue or even a hacker attack ! I spent the whole night trying to figure it out... It's a shame that such update from Ubuntu breaks the system especially when ssh is my only remote access to the headless orange pi
  3. I found this library OPi.GPIO Not sure if it uses interrupts but edge detection and eventing is working so far. Pretty useful if you want to reuse code made with RPi.GPIO Please note: Support for pull up / pull down resistors and switch debounce are not yet complete.
  4. Is there any progress on this topic ? I've managed to setup the permissions for GPIO and it took me a while to figure it out (I should had look on this forum first...) so an option to set this up automatically would be great for newbies like myself. But I must admit it is also part of the fun to dig for infos on the internet (when it works)
  5. Oups my bad ! Thanks for the second link (more info about the donation part). It's also funny to read in that report that one of the selling point of the orange pis is their thermal dissipation design when we know there are overheating issues with opi zero v1.4 ... Sorry for the off topic.
  6. By the way, here is the original article (in french) where the photo comes from
  7. Ok, I guess I should not worry about it then. Thanks for the information.
  8. Hi guys, I have an Opi zero v1.4 with the latest ubuntu legacy image and armbianmonitor also reports high temp (~65 - 70 without the case, up to ~80 with the case and expansion board) By the way, when I shutdown the system (halt command) the Opi still generates heat (not hot but warm). if we assume the power supply is good enough, is it an expected behavior when shutdown? If not, I guess I'll have to try another power supply. Thanks