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  1. So finally I’ve received AC Adapter. Firstly I’ve started with checkup, and to my delight I’ve noticed that all USB ports worked, but still nothing changed with the computer after clicking the command “reboot†I‘ve decided to sort the problem out and recorded image Bananian on another microSD. The computer began to reboot with the Bananian, great. Then I’ve put microSD from Armbian again into the computer and the reboot function again didn’t start working. Just for the experiment I’ve recorded Armbian on that microSD where was recorded Bananian and ..hooray, the reboo
  2. Yes, I am using power supply via micro USB, two USB ports don't work. Unfortunately, I don't have a power supply with a barrel plug (4/1.7 mm), and now can't check. But I had already ordered, will be sent to accomplish your goal P.S. Forgot to write, from the "Power" button the computer will not turn on.
  3. @wildcat_paris thanks for moving the topic. I tried Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty, the problem is on both images.
  4. Hi, wildcat_paris. Unfortunately I could't check earlier, but today I have tried your decision and it didn't work. After command "sudo reboot -f" Banana Pi M2 simply turns off
  5. Hi! I have recently installed Armbian 4.5 (Debain Jessie and Ubuntu trusty) at Banana Pi M2, and I’ve noticed that the computer doesn’t reboot after the command. It simply switches off, and the red diode lights up. How it could be corrected?