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  1. Hey, yeah I meant UART1, the one available on the SOM. I had not grounded the USB-serial connecter I botched together, hence the garbage. Now it is working or well it is outputting the debug log, how do I change t hat to make it a terminal? Would be awesome to also be able to create a vanilla kernel.
  2. Thanks @zador! and ofc Igor for all his work. I got a working 3.4 kernel image build with this tree: Including my LCD 7" 800x480 24depth color. still tweaking, also I don't have any non LCD connection to it, so don't know if I can test vanilla kernel. (My serial UART0 is only outputting crap on 115200 atm(on OSX)) More tweaking coming up.
  3. How can I participate in the new "master" branch build? I see a lot of work is being done in that field but the original installer guide seems to work of branch "Second". just cloned the .git normally and switched to master did the trick. Any irc channel where people hang out?
  4. Hey Guys, following this very closely for a couple of days now, and I want to starting putting my two cents in the bucket. I work with the (Olimex) A13-SOM and got some working images. All quiet hacky so I would love to add the configuration to the installer script to get some clean build images. Where to start? What info do I need? I want to do both legacy kernel(I use LCD output) and vanilla kernel. Booli