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  1. Logout and Login again was indeed the solution. Thanks!
  2. I'm at 5 right now (and not at all new) but still can't post. So maybe even more posts are required? Also that should definitely be documented somewhere (or somewhere more obvious since I searched for that and couldn't find anything about some kind of restrictions). Maybe like a sticky post in that section like "In order to post here you need to do xyz" Edit: 6 is also not enough.....
  3. I can't post in there and also I can't access the contact page to contact someone to ask whats wrong. I just tried to change my E-Mail Address to the same E-Mail Address to re-do the verification, but still no luck. @Igor Could you help me out here please?
  4. Is it somehow restricted who can post in that section? I found an issue (USB Voltage regulator doesn't seem to be set properly, works with the manufacturer image though) and someone in there asked a while ago if he's the only one with the issue, I wanted to respond but can't post in there.
  5. Looks more like wrong password entered to me as it doesn't even ask for a new password.
  6. Can that library be used even though it's for h3 and orange pi uses h5?
  7. Is someone able to provide Information about the GPIO Interface? There is zero documentation about it on the Orange Pi PC2. How are the port numbers calculated, how are internal pullups activated? As someone has implemented the gpio stuff, it should be usable, I just haven't figured out how to talk to it.