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  1. It's a problem, "armbianmonitor -u" is broken, all free service (pastebin, ghostbin, etc...) are limited to 512kB-1,5MB. Now is not possibile to upload all necessary data. SBC is crashed on 20.09 (boot at 13:05, crashed at 15:35*), on 21.09 (boot at 14.00 then crashed at 17.37*) and on 22.09 (boot at 13:35 then crashed at 23.12*). (*): timestamp of the last picture shooted and processed. Sunday (23.09) I've changed the vm.swappiness to 30 and the problem has been solved. Now I need the following directions to help you: - when to run the "free -m" command
  2. vm.swappiness=100 With vm.swappiness=30: system work fine With wm.swappiness=100: system work fine for a random time (3-12 h), then hang with ssh unreachable, yellow ethernet led fixed on, pihole/motioneye/rpi monitor web pages unreachables. Hardware: OrangePI Zero v1.4 - Sandisk uSD 16GB U1 A1 (checked, good healt) EXT4 - Toshiba USB Stick 32GB (checked, good healt) F2FS, USB PSU FriendlyARM 5V/3A (checked, good healt).
  3. First log (reduced because too large): Orange Pi Zero (vm.swappiness=30)
  4. Debian 9.5 AMD/Microserver (vm.swappiness=60) iostat.log root@tubserver:~# cat iostat.log Linux 4.17.0-0.bpo.3-amd64 (tubserver) 27/09/2018 _x86_64_ (2 CPU) avg-cpu: %user %nice %system %iowait %steal %idle 0,09 0,01 0,15 0,29 0,00 99,45 Device: tps kB_read/s kB_wrtn/s kB_read kB_wrtn sda 1,55 24,94 27,24 21613817 23605307 sdb 1,23 4,76 27,24 4122642 23605307 md3 0,22 0,77 0,13 669789 109496 md1
  5. After warm reboot... ~70-72°C it's a badly reported temperature, correct value -measured with a Fluke thermometer- is ~65°C on the SOC heatsink. It's normal, the scb works as a visual motion analizer (1 h264 hd stream) 24/7 since mid 2017. Yes, I've starting monitoring... They are not... totally different purpose or software stacks... and power outlet. Anyway now my OPZ works stable again with Armbian 5.60 (with vm.swappiness set to 30-60).
  6. @ag123 The good thing: reducing the value to 30 (vm.swappiness = 30) seems to solve the problem. Now I got ~22 h uptime without any hang... The bad one: an heavy zram usage on my AMD/Debian 9.5 microserver freeze the system (both gnome shell and ssh). :-| I think zram has some problems with Debian...
  7. Interesting... I'll change swap threshold to a more conservative value to 30 and I'll test it for 24/48h.
  8. Still stability issues on stable v5.60 (v5.59 upgraded to 5.60). I can not have an uptime over 3-12 hours (it is not reachable via ssh or webgui). SD and psu are OK. The system run stable on old v5.38 (january 2018) with same setup for weeks. Orange Pi Zero 512/v1.4 system log:
  9. All right! Native zRAM implementation work very well in Armbian (next) v5.59 (tested on my Pi Zero and PC2). EDIT (problem with v5.60 and vm.swappiness = 100):
  10. My Orange Pi PC2 work fine with Stretch (mainline, 4.14.48) between 35 and 65 °C. I got only a minor (but annoying) problem: the board start overheating after a shutdown (sudo shutdown -h now) and reach >70 °C after few minutes. Is it a kernel problem? Or a hardware design fault?
  11. They have released the first version (07_2018)
  13. Me too... with an old HP z400 Workstation (Xeon W3530, 12GB ECC DDR3 and a SSD Crucial MX300) build process is quite fast.
  14. Moklev

    NanoPI M4

    An extrusion process - compared to cnc machining - isn't more cheaper (economically and energetically)? Like new Asus case for Tinker Board:
  15. Yes...,mali-utgard.txt