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  1. An Asus Tinkerboard (Mali-T764) or a Rock64 (Mali-450MP4)? With a quite good support: Try to build r6 driver by Free Electrons: Kernel module: git clone cd sunxi-mali export CROSS_COMPILE=$TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX export KDIR=$KERNEL_BUILD_DIR export INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$TARGET_DIR ./ -r r6p2 -b ./ -r r6p2 -i ... and the userspace driver: git clone cd mali-blobs cp -a r6p2/fbdev/lib/lib_fb_dev/lib* $TARGET_DIR/usr/lib Pay attention: "In order to build the kernel module, you'll need a functional DRM driver. If you have that already, you'll need the options CONFIG_CMA and CONFIG_DMA_CMA enabled in your kernel configuration."
  2. Ops... :) Zero plus 2 is the H5 version? CPUFreq is in WIP stage also for the H5... all H boards have problem scaling down in idle with kernel 4.14.
  3. OPZ H2+ (v1.4) is a hot board. I got 68-72°C running pihole and motioneye, with passive heatsink and plastic case (without stability problems, for 1 year). With mainline kernel 4.14.yy frequency scaling isn't perfect... full cpufreq implementation is espected for 4.18.yy
  4. Moklev

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    Have you tried to build it? git clone git clone cd pvr.iptvsimple && mkdir build && cd build cmake -DADDONS_TO_BUILD=pvr.iptvsimple -DADDON_SRC_PREFIX=../.. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../../xbmc/addons -DPACKAGE_ZIP=1 ../../xbmc/cmake/addons make
  5. Same in 5.40 (Orange Pi Zero and Orange Pi PC2, Debian Stretch 9 server): armbian-config stuck changing locale from EN to IT (from en_US.UTF-8 to it_IT-UTF-8. You need to change manually by editing /etc/default/locale.
  6. @guidol CPUFreq for H2/H3/H5 on 4.18.yy
  7. Maybe is the Linux Framebuffer driver and the DRM x11 driver? However, a closed source for an obsolete and ridicolous GPU like a Mali 4x0 is pathetic. What is the current status of open source drivers like Lima or Panfrost?
  8. Moklev

    Pi-factor cases

    To replace it with a higher efficiency one, without "toothpaste". See the latest intel cpus (without welding).
  9. Ya, this code is too old and unpolished. Just have to wait Bootlin development for the end/2018.
  10. Moklev

    tutorial Motioneye (OPI)

    Yes, for CSI camera you must stay on legacy (Jessie dafault). CSI on mainline is on WIP stage. Main difference is Motion 3.2.12 (instead of 4.01). Next kernel 4.14.18 is more stable than 3.x (uptime: weeks vs few days). On Jessie may need "deb multimedia" packages for a recent ffmpeg version. I recommend you a good USB camera H264/MJPEG capable.
  11. Moklev

    tutorial Motioneye (OPI)

    With Motioneye use ONLY Debian server/headless, best with cabled ethernet. With wifi the performance is reduced. My setup is: Orange Pi Zero (512MB) with Armbian 5.41/Debian Stretch 4.14.18 (next), MotionEye 0.38.1 and Motion 4.01. Use H264 for maximum performance and MJPEG for maximum quality.
  12. Moklev

    tutorial Motioneye (OPI)

    Very bad performance. I got ca. 15/20 fps in 1280x720 and 30+ fps in 640x480 (limited...). With a Orange Pi Zero (slower than your PC Plus) and a system load of 1.30 ca. Motion trigger, light trigger and smart area mask.
  13. Moklev

    tutorial Motioneye (OPI)

    Motion has a complex workflow and an accelerated ffmpeg can help only partly. See the Raspberry/OpenMax version... which performs similarly despite is fully gpu accelerated (he's only more rapid to generate mp4 by events). Motion's analysis is frame-by-frame: you need to demux input stream, convert to raw single frames, processing and remux final stream.
  14. Moklev

    tutorial Motioneye (OPI)

    With an ELP 2mpx usb camera you can stream at 30+ fps, with streaming only and motion process disabled. Motion's slow dog process is a problem, you require an i5 cpu for a reasonable performance. With a little OPZ @1GHz Motioneye (Motion 4.01) runs at 15fps/720p but drop below 6-7fps if an event starts saving an image sequence (ca. 10 jpeg images).
  15. Simply... a old and patchy kernel (3.x) vs a stable and modern one (4.14.xx). My OPZ mainline runs for weeks too with pihole and motioneye.