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  1. I have tested the SanDisk Ultra 16GB C10 cards but also have the same error...So sad....
  2. I use Rockchip official repo... THX for your uboot patch~ I have used your uboot from,but I can't find any SD card driver as well... In uboot ,I have tried the command "mmcinfo" but no any SD card be found. In linux, I have tried the command "ls /dev" but no any SD card node be found. “dmesg” command does not have any information about the SD card node, I have used your uboot source to compile, whether the need to patch the kernel? Update:
  3. It seems to be a driver problem...I use "dmesg" command to look for the mmc driver kernel message but find nothing about it...
  4. I have the same board...But it seems the sd card can't work too....Do you have any idea?