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  1. Hi, I am migrating from legacy 3.x kernel to bionic mainline 4.14 at OrangePi Zero 2 plus. Previously there is a fex files to enable or disable some features such as onboard wifi, mali, hdmi and other. now I found no ways to disable it, overlays does not include this features. Is there any way to edit dtb files? or? Thanks
  2. geocut

    OPI Zero 2 Plus UART1 & UART2

    found it at Ext Port and CPU pages. Thanks.
  3. geocut

    OPI Zero 2 Plus UART1 & UART2

    wow! thanks! but how do you know that? Where I can find full set of headers of Zero 2 plus?
  4. Hi, I trying to use UART 1 & UART 2 at OPi Zero 2 Plus with no success with armbian stable and ubuntu server. I test all combinations, of fex settings, turn off everything except required uarts, set uart_type = 2 and etc, and it did not connect. UART0 and UART3 works fine, but I need cts-rts lines from uart2 for hi speed (it's uart_type = 4, but I would like to start regular uart first). tested with picocom, ft232 & pl2303 I use 8 & 10 pins for uart 1 and 11&13 for uart2 as described at Is it correct pins? Thanks