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  1. Hi, I am migrating from legacy 3.x kernel to bionic mainline 4.14 at OrangePi Zero 2 plus. Previously there is a fex files to enable or disable some features such as onboard wifi, mali, hdmi and other. now I found no ways to disable it, overlays does not include this features. Is there any way to edit dtb files? or? Thanks
  2. found it at Ext Port and CPU pages. Thanks.
  3. wow! thanks! but how do you know that? Where I can find full set of headers of Zero 2 plus?
  4. Hi, I trying to use UART 1 & UART 2 at OPi Zero 2 Plus with no success with armbian stable and ubuntu server. I test all combinations, of fex settings, turn off everything except required uarts, set uart_type = 2 and etc, and it did not connect. UART0 and UART3 works fine, but I need cts-rts lines from uart2 for hi speed (it's uart_type = 4, but I would like to start regular uart first). tested with picocom, ft232 & pl2303 I use 8 & 10 pins for uart 1 and 11&13 for uart2 as described at Is it correct pins?