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  1. I'm not even sure my box will boot with that combination. I'll try later today.
  2. It would be handy if you said which image you are using.
  3. I'm new to this but I can assure you, and it was a pleasant surprise to find, you can just flash the image to a USB SSD and it will just boot straight off it. That is on the H96 Max+ with the RK3328.
  4. @Digit97 Where is the dtb for the H96 Max+ please, that's exactly the board I'm playing with.
  5. Balbes150, are these sources available to download? I really would like to run LXD.
  6. I only seem to have the ability to choose older kernels there.
  7. Could anyone tell me how to compile a kernel module please. I want to be able to use LXD and there seems to be some missing iptables modules.
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