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  2. I doubt it occurs when you read data from storage and send to network. This problem also happening in copying file through NFS. You can check by put a large file to the board and transfer it through network share. Yeah, since mmc breaks booting, I use my usb flash driver as root media. Marvell releases a new BSP uboot which can read full features ext4. I compiled and flashed it to my board. What the new uboot cause mmc failed to read after reboot? Or maybe related to those patchs using by ArchlinuxArm? Rasing network problem is related to network configure file. You need to check and modified it below /etc/network/. Usually I will disable networking service and use NetworkManager instead.
  3. It seems to related with Samba. ArchlinuxARM has same problem which use mainline kernel. I copy file from espressobin then it losses network connection, and I can't find any log. This problem can be fixed by disabling networking service. However, you need to configure your network by other manager like systemd-networkd or NetworkManager. Btw, can you check SD card is available in U-Boot after reboot with mainline kernel? My SD card can't be read by U-Boot after reboot. You can check the post here.