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  1. I would like to mention that I am also waiting (see for working audio with Armbian for Banana Pi M2.
  2. That's useful, thank you! I still hope some day I will have working audio on that **** board.
  3. OK, thank you, Igor. In this case, it is just misleading to have that sentence on the BPI-M2 page, I guess.
  4. Hey again, I downloaded and tried "Armbian_5.00_Bananapim2_Ubuntu_trusty_4.4.1_desktop". On the download page ( it says that with the Vanilla kernel (4.4.3) audio devices (analog playback and capture) are enabled. How do I upgrade to 4.4.3 kernel (apt-get update; apt-get upgrade does not seem to suffice)? Do I have to do further steps to have a working audio system? Thanks! NewtoM
  5. OK, it is getting clearer. I am not! My mistake if it read like that. OK, I see. Thank you! And happy new year!
  6. Hey, thanks for the quick reply. OK, but as I see it, the changed internal structures and APIs should have had an impact on all drivers that were ported from the 3.x kernel. PLL and DMA drivers are already there, aren't they? So is there anything especially tricky (except for the lacking documentation) about the A31 audio codec driver?
  7. Hello there, I belong to the group of users that bought a BPi-M2 to just find out that hardware is nothing without software support. First, to my background: I do spend a lot of time at my computer using both Windows and Linux, but I am not a Linux guru. I used to configure and build kernels several years ago, at the time, when we used LILO to boot Linux. My field of interest is real-time sound processing, based on complex filter banks (ideally implemented using multi-threading). For a current project I needed something small, powerful and easily programmable. Since the BPi-M2 has 4 cores and built-in microphone, it seemed ideal for the first tries. Anyway, I tried quite some Linux images available on the Internet, but they all suck in one way or another. Some days ago I crossed a posting of Igor and I downloaded armbian 4.5 (Debian Jessie) for the board. I instantly liked it. I love simple and clean things, and the distro was just that. Since then, I updated the kernel, installed X with LXDE, and installed Code::Blocks 13.12. I still like this distro most. Slow graphics of course sucks with the default framebuffer driver, but the real problem for me is the missing audio support. As far as I understand from the Linux mainlining effort web page, the A31 audio codec driver is not even planned for kernel 4.5. And this is what I do not understand: how can Ubuntu Mate (kernel 3.3.0-BPI-M2) support the sound (both sun6i-codec and sndhdmi with ALSA v1.0.24) and the new kernel not? And why is it so complicated to put the sun6i-codec driver from the 3.3.x kernel to the 4.4.x kernel? Please wise me up! Thanks! NewtoM ps: BTW, I am happy to help with testing!