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  1. + add; I've found 5.41 on beta repository. need waiting to release?
  2. linux-xenial-root-next-tinkerboard 5.38 with 4.14.14 kernel installed. armbian's apt repository has only 5.38. but packaged rom file from is 5.41 with 4.14.23. (Armbian_5.41_Tinkerboard_Ubuntu_xenial_next_4.14.23_desktop.7z) How to upgrade on linux latest armbian? It need waiting?
  3. Problem solved. It caused by thumbdrive... My Lexar 128GB drive is interrupt the system. I don't know why
  4. I have no log... now. I will bring Tinkerboard to my home on weekend, then check and provide log! So, ok. I will try to decrease power consumption (disconnect USB or something), and connect 5V 3A PSU connect directly to GPIO. If it fails, I'll post here. Thank you!
  5. Hmm... I have similar problem for Asus tinkerboard hangs thread's thing. First, I've reinstall OS few days ago, because OS partition is crashed by system hangs. I've test next build but it can't be reboot (I don't know why). cause I've install legacy build. It looks pretty works well, so I've install 'transmission-daemon' to build my own seedbox. I've plugged 500GB 2.5in External HDD and 128GB Flash Drive, and use 3A Micro-USB adapter. then... ta-da! system hangs! generally It works good 1~2 days after boot. but randomly hangs. I think it's temp things cause install Fan on 3.3V GPIO, but same. It hangs. Before install External HDD and Flash Drive, It never hangs! I think problem maybe caused by; 1. Flash Drive 2. 3A PSU 3. 'transmission-daemon' So, I will try 'Direct connect power to 5V GPIO', and question is this. Can I use 5V 4A PSU? by this video, Tinkerboard's max consumption is 2.2A. External HDD + Flash Drive's consumption is 1.0A ~ 1.2A (expected) So, I need more then 3A PSU, but Tinkerboard can supply over 3A to GPIO Pin? and, I know GPIO Power supply is sensitive to Voltage. It's correct? then how can I protect circuit? First, I will try to remove Flash Drive of this weekend. Tinkerboard installed on my uncle's home, cause I can't manage/test on weekdays. Thank you.
  6. I'm retired this problem. My Tinker Board's OS is totally broken by my another problem. I've reinstall OS, but decide to not install HTTP daemons. I will post to my another problem! Thank you!
  7. I tried apache2 now, but nothing changed. stuck.
  8. Hi! I'm using Tinker board with armbian 5.31 stable (Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 4.4.73-rockchip), and using this as File Server. Cause i've install lighttpd and php7-0-fpm, and install Nextcloud (Owncloud). HTTPS is installed using Let's encrypt certification. Network is directly connected broadband, Half-Giga network. It looks working smoothly but little slow. BUT it's not. it's stuck on every file downloading. It's occurred both HTTPS and HTTP. First, HTTPS file downloading is stopped unexpectedly, cause can't download any files. HTTP is same but automatically resume, cause download is can be completed. I've tested these methods; 1. Change http daemon. (lighttpd to nginx) 2. Change server software. (Nextcloud to h5ai, or direct serve using http daemon) 3. Drop all firewall settings. but not changed anything. Can't be using Tinker board as HTTP File Server?