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  1. A huge THANKS. That is all that was needed. Sorry that this Linux newb didn't understand that option in armbian-config. I froze the u-boot and kernel and updates ran without any damage.
  2. Thanks very much for the help. I really appreciate it. As I said in my other reply, I am doing my best to comprehend all of the intricacies of Linux in general and how it relates to Armbian and the OPi PC2 specifically. I will try your suggestion, but not sure how/where I can do so. The only other Linux style environments that I have access to are a Raspberry Pi (locked into Retro Pi) and a Chromebox. Alternatively, can I just reflash the card and perform the symlink creation before attempting to update?
  3. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the group's intention of "development" and "no support". The image has worked very well for me for 6 months. Updates have never been an issue. Maybe I am expecting too much. Again, forgive my ignorance of the Linux world. I am trying very hard to learn. The curve is steep when you've been Microsoft only for a 30 year career. (And tinkering with computers since 1980.) There is lots of good info available, but it takes time to comprehend a complex operating system. I'm doing my best to understand the relationships of U-boot, packages, updates, the Armbi
  4. I've been running the Xenial desktop build on an Orange Pi PC 2 for about 6 months. I've had no issues running some basic services (Apache, FTP server, Open VPN, Pi-Hole). I am new to Linux and have been using the OPi2 as a learning tool. I have used computers as a profession for over 30 years - mostly Windows and MS-DOS before that. I typically install Armbian updates and reboot every few days. After installing an update a few days ago everything became corrupt and the board fails to fully boot. This was confirmed on the console. There is a fair amount of text. One of the first