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  1. I tried to modify armbianEnv.txt and manually set fdtfile to sun50i-h5-orangepi-zeroplus.dtb But after reboot I cannot connect to it through ssh, so I had to change it back.
  2. It's 3.10.65 ……… I found /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/__symbols__/mmc1 It's content is below: /soc/mmc@01c10000 and mmc1_pins_a /soc/pinctrl@01c20800/mmc1@0 By the way, cpufreq is missing on ZeroPlus(running armbian). According to this , I execute zgrep CONFIG_REGULATOR_AXP20X /proc/config.gz and it returns CONFIG_REGULATOR_AXP20X=y but still no cpufreq. here's the result of lsmod Module Size Used by ir_lirc_codec 16384 0 lirc_dev 20480 1 ir_lirc_codec sun8i_codec_analog 28672 1 sun4i_code
  3. I do have official image downloaded, but its kernel is 3.X and I didn't find any dtb file in /boot. It seems that dtb was introduced in linux 4.X(mainline) and fex was used in linux 3.x(legacy)?(I am new to linux) I find that bin2fex can convert .bin back to .fex, however I am not sure where is the "script.bin" I also downloaded the android img for zero plus, but I cannot open/extract it yet
  4. I am using Orange Pi Zero Plus(http://www.orangepi.org/OrangePiZeroPlus/), but there's no armbian for it. I download armbian for Orange Pi PC2(here) and it works! However, PC2 does not have on-board wifi, so my zero plus cannot find a wlan device. The onboard wifi of zero plus is Realtek RTL8189FTV, and the driver source seems to be this I compile it on my orange pi and add "modprobe mac80211" before "insmod", it is loaded but there is still no wlan0 device So what should I do to enable wifi?