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  1. Hi Igor, Yes completely understandably. I just meant odd in the sense that it's look to be more of a copy paste from opione. I will have a look and see if I can get it going and contribute. regards,
  2. Ahh ok, Thank you. It seems that the voltage regulator on the zero is supported (its just GPIO) and it has the same regulator as one the orangepi-one. So it should just be a matter of adapting that from the orangepi-one dts and to add DVFS and higher speed to the zero as well. It's a bit odd that this has not been done but it seems to be implemented on later kernel version. Thank for your answer! regards,
  3. Hi, It seems this is an issue with the latest mainline nightly available for download as well. It seems the orange pi zero is stuck at 480MHz (or so). When running minerd --benchmark with mainline I only get half of the performance I get when downloading and running the legacy image. Anyone else noticed this? regards,