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  1. Can anyone help me convert an Orange Pi image to run on my new Odroid XU4 as I need it running on the older kernal ARMBIAN 5.31 stable Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 3.4.113-sun8i The newer Kernal has a few small issues that cause a problem for my setup.
  2. I noticed there is a SHARED option in the NMTUI setup of eth0 and wifi not sure if it somehow shares the same address over the two connections I might try it later LOL
  3. Ok now this get real weird. All was wroking great until i went to put a fixed IP on the eth0 setting when I noticed the wifi was connected via dhcp. SO i turn off the wifi and put the fixed ip on eth0 and bang no name over netbios again :-( So for a test wiped the sd card and put the standard ubuntu one back on that i had save as an image with all my configs in. Then enabled the wifi over dhcp and BOOM I get the netbios name and can connect on any windows even Windows 10 I shut the wifi off again and it losses netbios again. so I go into the settings on eth0 and change that to dhcp but force my router to give it the same fixed IP ever time. then reboot and the one dit that i mapped still works now with the wifi off and just over eth0 I cant figure out why if i put a fixed ip in the settings using NMTUI that it shuts down transmitting the netbios server name. Not sure if this is a quirk with the way eth0 is handled or something else. Obviously the wifi works but it is far slower than eth0. Can anyone else shed some light on all the craziness :-D
  4. ok fresh install done just like that and guess what it does not want to work. No switch back to raspbian again and transferring all my config files to that and its working great EVEN on Windows 10 I just do not know why its so quirky. LOL I prefer the Ubuntu image as the leds are green for power on unlike raspbian which is red but hey this does work for me Completely crazy I know :-( At least this seems to be working for now :-)
  5. i will give it another try :-)
  6. Interesting wiped sd card again and put on Armbian_5.32.170901_Orangepizero_Ubuntu_xenial_dev_4.11.12.img and back to not working. :-(
  7. I love doing stuff via the console though as I find if you use gui's too much you get forgetful on how to use them LOL Thanks anyhow though :-)
  8. Just got it working on the Raspbian by changing the server name to lower case "fireball" from upper case "FIREBALL" then restarting both smbd and nmbd services NOW it showing the server name quirky or what. Now to go back to the ubuntu image and try it on there :-) Will let you all know the outcome :-) There is hope yet :-)
  9. Ok just wiped the sd card again an put on Raspbian_server_For_zero_H2+_V0_1.img for the zero and guess what the exact same problem :-( I really am starting to think they way the pi zero implements Eth0 on the hardware side could be a problem. I have built so many of these servers based on junked PC's and never had a problem like this. :-( I wanted to do it with a zero because of size and power saved but its looking at them moment like its not going to be possible.
  10. Yes my config file is fine.. :-(
  11. Unfortunately I have the Orange Pi not Banana Pi so hardware could be the problem here. I have also seen it working on the original Raspberry Pi with no problems. Thank you for the reply though :-)
  12. i wiped the sd and loaded on the dev version of debian for the pi zero the one on the right hand side. Then setup samba again from scratch and I get the same problem My windows XP machine cant see the server name but if I put in the IP it will browse to the server and then I can map shares across. Windows 7 and above will not even find it via IP address or server name. Android finds it via IP just like windows XP does. So does all of the linux distros I have tried. Again it has to me by IP though the name is not being served out for some reason :-( My old pentium PC that has ubuntu 16.04 server on work fine on ALL machines IE. win XP and win7 and up to win10 :-( Here is the armbianmonitor -u log Cant see that helping but hopefully someone can see the problem. I still think its one of two things either the way eth0 on the pi zero is used is non standard or there is a bug in the software somehow.
  13. This is whats on the OPzero ARMBIAN 5.31 stable Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 3.4.113-sun8i so Ubuntu Xenial
  14. I have an odd problem with a Orange Pi Zero H2+ 512mb I have samba setup with share all correctly BUT my windows XP pc cant see the share name at all unless I search for the IP then under the IP I can setup share maps on my PC and all is good. However I have tried 4 different Windows 10 PCs now and they cannot see either the server name or even the IP to get the shares :-( even though I can ping the server (OP-zero) IP address and get a perfect response. I am tearing my hair out here I need this to work on Windows 10 for a small server project I am working on. Also the exact same PCs CAN see the Shares and server easy with the exact same setup with Ubuntu 16.04 server on an old PC which leads me to think there is a problem with the samba code in Armbian :-( Any help would be good right now. It would be good even if I had to setup the shares via the IP but win10 cant even see it via IP :-( Note:- Yes the work groups are the same. Yes i have Encrypt password set to YES Also it works 100% fine on my Galaxy S5 Samsung Android phone with a file explorer program ? Below is my smb conf file if needed smb-conf.txt