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  1. The requirements are simple: a quad-core with good frequency. What I need is run an intensive CPU program (it uses only cpu, not ram, nor sd). To the question why people buy slow device looking for performance, my answer (that fits just my case) is because I don't need a time efficient computer, but more an energy efficient (and, as you know better than me, ARM devices are more energy efficient than amd64); still I need not to be too slow, but a good ARM with performance and energy efficiency. Thanks again for answers! Ps: a good thing about NEO2 is that I have launched about 26hours
  2. Thanks for the very accurate answer. I wrote (few days ago) to the tech support of friendlyelec about that issue and they answered me in a very misguiding way: "Hi, The board now change the frequency dynamicly. More info you can see this link:https://forum.armbian.com/index.php?/topic/4263-nanopi-neo2-cpu-frequency/ https://forum.armbian.com/index.php?/topic/4734-nanopi-neo-plus2/ Maybe the link can help you. thank you! " What really upsets me is that they write on their site that the frequency is 1.5ghz. I have no problem with 1ghz (considering the very low
  3. Hi! I've recently bought a nanopi NEO2 which features an Allwinner H5. On FriendlyArm website (and on Allwinner's too) it is stated that the H5 is clocked 1.5Ghz. I need to perform some heavy job and and noticed that the cpu frequency hits, at full power, only 1Ghz. I checked using cpufreq-info and I got: driver: cpufreq-dt CPUs which run at the same hardware frequency: 0 1 2 3 CPUs which need to have their frequency coordinated by software: 0 1 2 3 maximum transition latency: 244 us. hardware limits: 120 MHz - 1.01 GHz available frequency steps: 120 MHz, 240 MHz, 312 MHz, 480 MHz, 624 M