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  1. The good thing is that this project didn't start out as a crowdfunding project, it's just something we're doing to make the hardware more easily available. If we end up selling zero boards, it doesn't really matter, as we have other customers for the boards. You're right though, documentation is important and it's something we're still working on. We're not going to get to the level that the RPi is, as we're far too small to do that. However, I hope we'll do better than most of the Chinese board guys in terms of documentation and support. You're absolutely right that software is key, as there's nothing too unique about the hardware, but I do believe we put a bit more thought into the boards than most of our competitors. Let's see how things goes, I'm not going to make any promises here, but I hope we can deliver something a bit different.
  2. Small world... The H5 boards will get a bump to 2GB of RAM for the crowd funding campaign, but still only 8GB of eMMC. I was pushing for a bit more, but alas.
  3. Possible, I'm afraid I'm still waiting on an answer. I'm afraid I'm not the engineer so... We didn't exactly copy their board layout though, so let's wait and see.
  4. CrowdSupply is a smaller crowd funding site, mainly focusing in open source in some way. It seemed like the right platform for what we're trying to do. Good question, let me check, as that's actually something I should know. The aluminum plate doubles as the heatsink, there will a thermal pad provided that goes between the two. The idea is to use the housing as the cooler. Not that the AllWinner chips get all that hot.
  5. Sorry, did I see AllWinner and support in the same sentence? I think we've done a bit better than try our best, but no, we don't have any official support with regards to Linux. We've tried to do some solid boards, the input is 9-17V as well, so no skimping there either. Yeah, trying to stick to industry standards, it makes it much easier for everyone to work with. The boards will be available on CrowdSupply later this month -
  6. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so moderators, please feel free to move my post. I'm involved in getting some new development boards onto the market and we've based our software as so many others, on Armbian. What would be needed to get official support from Armbian? We're currently on a mix of Armbian with Ubuntu 18.04 and kernel 4.18.x. A bit of information about the hardware can be found here We haven't opened up our git as yet, but it'll be done soon. I understand that there might be quite a few things we have to do, but we're willing to do it and will provide hardware to developers as well.