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  1. I have observed kernel panics using xradio driver before. Check Opizero wifi kernel hang I decided to test it with this driver. Summary: No improvements Ap mode No kernel panics were observed during 1 day when running only on AP mode. However, when Orange Pi is rebooted in AP mode, kernel panic was observed. After running 5 Orange Pi devices, after 60 average reboots, Kernel panic occurred for all devices. [ 25.238909] xradio WSM-ERR: CMD timeout!>>> 0x0006 (16), buf_use=1, bh_state=0 [ 25.247990] xradio WSM-ERR: bh error!>>
  2. This issue exists on previous version
  3. Also tried with an Opi Zero Plus I had since it is 64bit, following the steps and also using the script. Boot hangs after Starting kernel ...
  4. 1) Checked 2) Applied Still the same error.. 1) Used automated script 2) Used Buster image Still the same error....
  5. Thanks for the post. I test the script with Orange Pi zero with the latest Ubuntu Focal image. Armbian 20.08.1 Focal with Linux 5.8.5-sunxi After writing to the SD, at booting phase, following error occurs. Starting kernel ... Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel. Error: invalid dtb and unrecognized/unsupported machine ID r1=0x00001029, r2=0x40000100 r2[]=05 00 00 00 01 00 41 54 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Available machine support: ID (hex) NAME ffffffff Generic DT based system ffffffff Allwinner suniv Family ffffffff Allwinner
  6. Unfortunately I gets the same "rcu_sched detected stalls on CPUs/tasks" error even with corrected "/etc/default/cpufrequtils" file 2020-08-06T13:30:01+09:00 CRON[14672]: pam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0) 2020-08-06T13:30:01+09:00 CRON[14671]: pam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0) 2020-08-06T13:30:01+09:00 CRON[14673]: (root) CMD (/root/ 2020-08-06T13:30:01+09:00 CRON[14674]: (root) CMD (/usr/lib/armbian/armbian-truncate-logs) 2020-08-06T13:30:01+09:00 CRO
  7. I've seen some times OPi Zero crashing at 1.01GHz clock due to high heat. I recommend running it at 816MHz for stable usage.
  8. This is a known bug at speed test. Please refer: For testing, install speedtest-cli via pip. Don't use apt. speedtest-cli version installed with apt : 2.0.0(problem) speedtest-cli version installed with pip : 2.1.2(no problem) apt install python-pip -y pip install speedtest-cli for testing, speedtest-cli
  9. Just a follow up After changing the driver software some places and testing, without any in-depth understanding about this chip, I was not able to stop kernel hang on X-radio wifi driver. I noticed problems with xradio in 2 modes. 1) When using xradio in AP mode: kernel hang, reboot -f does not work 2) Using xradio in concurrent mode: kernel hang In either cases AP mode had the problem. I decided to stop using the xradio for good after all the testing. I stopped xradio module loading from boot: commented out 'xradio_wlan' from /et
  10. Hi. I am trying to control an i2c device at the u-boot stage. i2c 0 bus is activated through /boot/armbianEnv.txt file After settings some i2c commands at /boot/boot.cmd i checked the i2c sdk and sda pins via an oscilloscope. But neither output a signal. i2c dev 0 i2c mw 0x3c 0x00 0xae I included above commands and tested. Can I know how to activate or use i2c at u-boot level? image: ARMBIAN 5.75 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.38-sunxi
  11. I was not familiar with IRC. However, I just asked about this problem on the #linux-sunxi channel. Let's see what replays I get. In the meantime, I wrote a program to reboot the system if a channel change is detected. But still, sometimes the device doesn't boot after calling 'reboot -f'. Another option is just to use a wifi dongle to work as the client interface. I already tried this. But then again, sometimes, the USB wifi module is not detected at the boot by the device; It has to be replugged again, which is not that ideal.
  12. Thanks, @Tido for the links. [20149.090066] [<bfb2d42d>] (wsm_handle_rx [xradio_wlan]) from [<bfb29e05>] (xradio_bh_exchange+0x27c/0x588 [xradio_wlan]) In the error logs, it seems program stalled on wsm_handle_rx in xradio_wlan. I found the official xradio_wlan driver to be fifteenhex I checked the fifteenhex wlan_driver code for "wsm_handle_rx" and found this line in wsm.c It seems like kernel hang is done on purpose.
  13. ARMBIAN 5.75 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.38-sunxi Orange Pi Zero Board Please refer armbianmonitor.log for armbianmonitor -U command output details I have configured My Orange Pi Zero onboard wlan chip (xradio_wlan driver) to work on both Ap mode and Client modes simultaneously. When both Ap and Client interfaces are up and working, and when the connected wifi channel of the Client interface changes, kernel hang occurs. Error message [20148.872296] rcu: INFO: rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU [20148.877893] rcu: 1-....: (4945709 ticks this GP
  14. Hi, After some more digging, I found out that this happens because of hardware. This is due to the Orange Pi Zero board's pull up resistors attached to the specified pins. After removing the pull-up resistors, Pin16,18(PA19,PA18) did not record high value at the bootup. Thanks.
  15. Hello. When my orange pi zero is booted, Pin16,18(PA19,PA18) seems to record high value(3.3v) I want the pins to stay low. In the dtb file, PA18 and PA19 are assigned to i2c1 and i2s0. But in the /boot/armbianEnv.txt file those overlays are not enabled. Can someone please help me how to keep ping 16 and 18 low at t he boot time? Image used: ARMBIAN 5.38 stable Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS 4.14.18-sunxi Thank You.
  16. It works. Thank You. Enabling "armbian-resize-filesystem" service did it for me.
  17. Command does not work in "Armbian_5.65_Orangepione_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.14.78" image Error: Failed to enable unit: Unit file resize2fs.service does not exist. ARMBIAN 5.60 stable Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 4.14.70-sunxi Version, similar problem Error: Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory Can anyone advice on how to reinstate SD card resize(full partition expansion) on restart.
  18. I check on the latest stable released "Armbian_5.65_Orangepione_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.14.78" image after apt update and upgrade, and the result is the same for "sudo systemctl enable resize2fs" Error: Failed to enable unit: Unit file resize2fs.service does not exist. How can I reinstate SD card resize(full partition expansion) on restart?
  19. Hello. My image for Orange Pi One has the following build after apt update and apt upgrade ARMBIAN 5.60 stable Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 4.14.70-sunxi "sudo systemctl enable resize2fs" does not work anymore Error message says "Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory" "sudo systemctl enable resize2fs && sudo reboot" works on old kernal images @tkaiser could you please advise how to reinstate SD card resize on first boot? Thank You.
  20. I ran some further tests and figured in addition to adding 00 bytes to the packet, some byte are missing from the packets as well. This happenes both in 4.14.18 and 4.17.2 as well. Now I want to change uart base_baud in Orange Pi and test further. Can someone advise me on how to change the UART clock please? this place suggests to change u-boot on serial_spl.c file. But I can't find serial_spl.c file in the build folder. According to this article (which is not complete) I tried to change dtb file
  21. I posted this problem in the forum @Igor mentioned.!topic/linux-sunxi/yUbcI1O1drA Any support is appreciated. Thanks.
  22. I encountered the same problem as well. Problem still occurs with the ARMBIAN 5.48.180624 nightly Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 4.17.2-sunxi I observed some packets getting corrupted. After checking, I observed 00 (one byte)is added to the corrupted packets at random locations of the byte[] Packet corruption does not occur in ARMBIAN 5.32 user-built Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS 4.11.7-sun8i. Packet corruption occur in ARMBIAN 5.38 stable Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS 4.14.18-sunxi I ran my tests in OPiZero board with same program for /dev/ttyS1 port. All ports has the same confi
  23. So I tested again with the latest build 4.13.13 for Opi One Results are A Okay... This time kernal auto detects EDID correctly almost every time. I didn't notice any occurrings of fallback resolution when the HDMI display(800x480) is connected But 4.13.10 often failed to detect EDID.