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  1. The only working dtb I have is from 3.x kernels yes. But I have no clue how to make that work for 4.x/5.x kernels or how to fix the non working p281 thats bundled with the new builds. I also don't know how to build 3.x kernels from source, by default the s905 build now builds a 5.x kernel. Not all modules I need are in 3.x kernels and also some wifi drivers don't build or work good for 3.x. They're usually for 4.x or newer kernels.
  2. Can someone please help me with a working dtb for a p281 a95 xr2 board? The generic p281 included with 4.x/5.x builds does not boot. There's a few revisions of the p281 board. I need p281 r2 (2g/16g).
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