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  1. Tony, you did it! Today's apt-get update makes the system SO much more stable. I was able to do an entire 5 GB rsync transfer between machines, and complete a large compile with all four CPUs pegged at 100% for 20 minutes. I really appreciate your hard work.
  2. No, the board does not appear to have a temperature sensor.
  3. OK, I'll test that. I'm also getting errors when I do a fairly large-ish compilation. Attached is a dmesg showing clang bringing the system down. dmesg_20170925.txt
  4. I do not have those logs. How do I get them? I don't think it's a Mate problem as it happens even when it's running headless. So here's an easy way I can get it to hang. I'm rsyncing a 5 GB directory from another computer to the Le Potato. After maybe a few hundred MBs of transfer I'll lose both an SSH connection and any keyboard/mouse response. I can still see the time/seconds ticking away in the desktop bar, so it's not completely dead.
  5. I got the Le Potato Ubuntu server image up and running. Then installed the Mate desktop environment. Most everything is working fine, but the system freezes hard at times, mostly when I try to run several large programs concurrently. Problem with memory? Also, some resolutions have the refresh rate set at 68.5 Hz that don't work on most of my monitors. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the work you guys put into it, and I look forward to the continuing progress!