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  1. Hi all, for today this work ok on H3 (recording from webcam here) git clone git clone cp /root/ffmpeg_h264_H3/cedrus264.c /root/FFmpeg-Cedrus/libavcodec/cedrus264.c cp -R /root/ffmpeg_h264_H3/sunxi /root/FFmpeg-Cedrus/libavcodec/arm apt-get install libpulse-dev libv4l-dev libmp3lame-dev libx264-dev cd FFmpeg-Cedrus ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-nonfree --enable-gpl --enable-version3 --enable-vdpau --enable-libx264 --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libpulse --enable-libv4l2 make -j 4 make install ffmpeg -version ffmpeg -h encoder=cedrus264 ffmpeg -f v4l2 -video_size 1280x720 -i /dev/video0 -pix_fmt nv12 -r 25 -c:v cedrus264 -vewait 5 -qp 30 -t 60 -f mp4 test.mp4 -y ==== And you can use software-encoder, it work better then you expect. Example for slow CPU and bitrate limits ffmpeg -f v4l2 -video_size 1280x720 -i /dev/video0 -pix_fmt nv12 -r 25 -c:v libx264 -b:v 4M -maxrate 4M -bufsize 1M -preset ultrafast -t 60 -f mp4 test.mp4 -y
  2. Hi - easiest way i found 1) In /etc/systemd/system.conf set\uncomment (max seconds on H3 you can see in g_timeout in 'dmesg | grep "sunxi_wdt_probe"'. On H2 'dmesg | grep "watchdog"'. Its ok to set to 16 - it try to send "pings" every half of seted timer) RuntimeWatchdogSec=16 ShutdownWatchdogSec=10min 2) reboot, after it check output of "sudo lsof | grep /dev/watchdog" - if it say about systemd - all work 3) (DONT RUN THIS ON PRODUCTION SERVERS) test with fork-bomb with and without P.S. - work ok on H2\H3