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  1. Hello guys, I have a orange pi prime, how to use uart pin like PG8 ? I don't read it. I'm work on orange pi prime debian desktop resource (download from / resources) I'm installing orangepi_PC_gpio_pyH3 (lib files change *) & wiringOP. I dont read uart pins Also there is no script.bin file in the boot folder. What can i do ? * Thanks martinayotte
  2. how can i enable or disable UART1_RTS ?
  3. I'm gratefull to you for support. I have to installing WiringOP for gpio after I'm changing pyh3 lib files and install. I have a lot of warning when WiringOp installing. gpio running but i dont see sys/class/gpio, i have a gpio_sw directory i have last question I don't catch some pins. for example if gpio.input(port.PG8) == False: print("C") it's code run on orange pi pc 2e but not working on orange pi prime what should i do ?
  4. martinayotte i've take segmentation fault (core dumped) error..
  5. its not installed with -b h5 parameter so i'm copied from h3 vers but its not run, another one
  6. we develop a software by using orange pi plus 2e but product stopped. we cant find product so research to new product. orange pi plus 2e & orange pi prime are have to same pin alignment but processors different. (same pin alignment choice reason our electronic card design) our software working on prime but pins are not readable yet. if i read pins, i'm finished
  7. I'm try to wiring pi and orange pi pyh3 ( so pin alignment) but its not read the pins. thanks for reply martinayotte igor why there is that forum ? Is it trade or development support ?
  8. Thanks for your answers i'm solve auto login problem by nodm package anyway i have a another problem, about the pin read. orange pi +2e device pins readable orange pi gpio PYh3 or wiring pi but prime pins not readable. How can i read prime pins ? How can i execute gpio command on prime ?
  9. I'm nowadays using this systems. I dont have any experience to much about that. I try to learn it. We have a software, running on orange pi plus 2e but production stopped. We have to research new models. prime choice reason, absolutely pin alignment and looks like similarly but images are so distressed. For example, autologin its not actualize ubuntu resource , chrome-opera browsers are not installin debian resource its complicated Thanks for your answers..
  10. Hello guys, i have a orange pi prime. I'm download to this image and i flash to 32 gb sandisk card. System is not opened, i see "starting kernel" message and some controls after it's rebooting continuos. I dont start it. I'm waiting for your helps. King regards