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  1. Sorry, I read too fast; I used the jumper 10. But your link seems to indicate that we need to remove the jumper before linux boots (I was not sure this was safe), so I can try to do that... Thanks for the link!
  2. Hi, I have bricked my system by installing the rk3399 legacy multmedia framework. It was installed on emmc. I was able to recover my system by using the P11 jumper to skip the boot on emmc, as explained in the doc, and now my system runs on a SDCard. The problem is, it seems that I cannot access the EMMC anymore -- it does not show up /dev. My intuition is that the P11 jumper disables the EMMC altogether. Am I write and if so, how can I access the EMMC again? I would like to be able to read it again (I had important data, notably unison synchronization files) and reinstall a fresh OS on it. Any help would be welcome!
  3. Hi, I too would very much like be interested by it! I bought a USB-C-to-HDMI cable, plugged a monitor, and everything worked well. I thought that using this + and USB DAC for audio, I could directly turn my Helios64 NAS into a media center. Unfortunately I tried tried the RK3399 legacy multimedia framework (I just did sudo apt install media-buster-legacy-rk3399 --install-recommends ; I thought no harm could happen by just installing a package) and now my NAS won't boot (U-boot stops after "starting kernel"). I don't remember what kernel I installed, possibly this was not the legacy kernel. Thus, I would happily use some advice on how to unbrick my system -- and also upvote this vote, it would be terrific if the feature was installed in the default images or if there was an easy way to install them! Bests
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