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  1. Orange pi is only sending data with tx pin next to the ethernet port. Target is an arduino leonardo clone 5v 16mhz clocked. Maximum baud rate i could run is 115200 8bit data,no parity ,1 stop bit. Shouldnt be i able to run at higher baud rates like 1m? Libraries i am using
  2. By the way i dont need to build latest kernel with rt patch. Igor's version is more than enoguh. I tried to edit for 4.13.10(4.13.10 couldnt found so i typed 4.13.y) but it didnt work. scripts/ recipe for target 'fs/read_write.o' failed i didnt even modify read_write.o. I only enabled the rt patch and modified a few lines in usb/gadget/composite.c
  3. I installed the kernels from and flashed them to sd card. Then i copied the modified .ko files from image that i built for latest non-rt kernel using the My orange pi zero is running rt version. When i try to modprobe the modified and copied module it gives me error: modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'libcomposite': Exec format error I read that incorrect arch could cause this so i ran the file command. libcomposite.ko: ELF 32-bit LSB relocatable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (SYSV), BuildID[sha1]=3a49e12c7809bbbdbdc3c5c5bd0fcd53e77dde44, not stripped i think module i built is not compatible with rt kernel i downloaded. I need to rebuild kernel with modified source code(only a few lines and 2 files) with rt patch or i need a way to build that module respecting rt kernel version i downloaded. Thanks for your attention
  4. I edited musb_gadget.c sunxi-next conf file and selected gadget only when building the kernel and it works like i wanted. Not sure if all these modifications are required so there is no more otg descriptor.
  5. Update i will edit the kernel and see if that works.
  6. I will try to go back to the legacy image and try to edit fex file according to here All i want to do is removing otg functionality and use it device only. I wont ever need usb host in micro usb port.
  7. Orange pi zero using mainline latest image. Somehow i couldn't manage to set up a c++ project with libusbgx so I am using console commands for gadgetfs for hid device emulation. I want to disable otg dual role functionality of micro usb port . I think i need to mess with overlay but i have no experience and i think i should change the usb for micro usb port but i am not sure how to do. Removing usb otg descriptor is enough too. Thanks
  8. It says 4.13.x in nightly kernel builds but i cant still enable g_hid. In this link it says 4.12 would bring usb otg support for h3 boards. Am i wrong? If its still not supported and wont get implemented soon what should i do to implement it? I also read that g_hid should work in legacy kernel but it didnt work with lastest legacy kernel either. I am trying to get it working for a few weeks now my whole project is stopped because of this. Its would bring me joy if i could get it working. Thank you
  9. Any news on this subject? Legacy kernel doesnt work either. I thought that 4.13 would bring hid-gatget mode too.
  10. Hello, i have been looking into this subject lately but couldn't find something useful. I want to be able to act as a mouse and keyboard with opi zero. I have some experience with programming and a bit of linux ecosystem so i i think i can look into/follow some stuff if you guide me. Also i know its off-topic but does gpio pins have any latency on them? I want to share data in real time between opi zero and rpi zero. Thank you for your attention. Sincerly