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  1. Then I think it's not working properly in 4.14.33. I did try adjusting the cpufrequtils file. e.g.: 200 to 1200. Frequency was shown as 1200 all the time, but I saw rapid transitions between a lower frequency and 1200 in the transition table. something wrong with it I guess. However I'm using the legacy ( 4.4 ) and frequency scaling is working in that kernel as expected.
  2. But I thought DVFS is enabled in 4.14 path. see @Igor's post.
  3. Marvel 88SE9215 works with the next branch. Anyway CPU frequency is not changing based on the load . It shows as 600 and not changing.
  4. Thanks. I'm going to try it. Will provide an update once it's done.
  5. Has anyone tried Marvel 88SE9215 with the mainline kernel? I'm using it on a bit old armbian version. Just checking before messing with the bin.
  6. @ebin-dev what's the latest from the enclosure project?
  7. Then for the mPCIe use case, we will have to drill few holes in the top of the enclosure to attach a 4cm fan.
  8. Thanks for the update @ebin-dev just out of curiosity, how is the heat dissipation of the card? tkaiser had mentioned here that this chip gets very hot. Will this need a small fan inside the enclosure?
  9. Perfect. Thanks for the update @ebin-dev I'm also going to buy the same mpcie card soon, but waiting for your feedback on how it's going to work with espressobin.
  10. @ebin-dev, have you received the controller or still waiting?
  11. I'm using 5.37 now. built by myself. No network issues.
  12. I was going to buy that. But bought the ASM one because it was the cheapest one. I should've thought more seriously about the "Buy cheap, buy twice" slogan.
  13. @tkaiser sorry about that. I have missed it. This is for the default kernel. Also the card has been updated with the firmware. http://sprunge.us/DKIT from dmesg | grep ahci
  14. I have another SD card which has the default kernel. So I rebooted from it and still get the same error. root@espressobin:~# uname -a Linux espressobin 4.4.96-mvebu64 #14 SMP PREEMPT Sun Nov 5 01:06:18 CET 2017 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux I do not get any issues when I connect my WD red or WD Blue hard disks directly to the espressobin sata port. I tried them on both default and next kernels. So I think this issue is not relevant to the bug you are referring to. This should be something related to the mini PCIe card.
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