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  1. Hi everybody, I am using the Ubuntu distro on my OPi 2g IoT How can I configure Modem Manager & Network Manager through terminal so that a 2G-PPP connection is required for networking to start the board? What would help: - 2G PPP connection established to initiate the board in a way that if I don't have it connected it does not initiate. - Set the Network Manager & Modem Manager to redial and reconnect everytime it drops or fails to initiate. I am not really experienced with Network Manager and Modem Manager so if you can please leave the step-by-step instruction since the installation till the final configuration itself would be really helpful for me and all users for sure Many thanks!
  2. Hi! Thanks for the answer! How can I do this through terminal since I do not have a grafic interface? I am using serial connection through PuTTy on my OPi 2g-IoT Thanks!!!
  3. Hi everybody, One really simple question: I got to work with wvdial and establish a ppp connection with OPi 2g-IoT but now I would like to initiate the board with the wvdial included, so if the modem 2g does not connect the board keeps trying till the conection goes smoothly. So far I've done this: sudo nano /etc/rc.local and inserted this line: sleep 60; sudo wvdial & My results are: Sometimes, mostly, it connects and works properly but there are few times like 2 out of 10 that the wvdial does not work and the board initiates without it, which I do not want at all. How can I force the board to initiate properly only when a 2g conection is established? Thanks!