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  1. I am thankful for your all explanations here and it would seem quite a bit of work to fetch all this from the lists. I am keen to be able to use an adapted current kernel but feel not in the position to suggest directions of it. Probably it is working out after a while .. cheers.
  2. And where is frequency scaling and the current cpu frequency now 'visible'? Are 'all' these (NEXT) kernel design decisions written down somewhere? Could I know about them? Or are they just 'talked' in between the kernel developers only? Is there a place where I could possibly find them together mentioned? Thanks..
  3. I can not believe this because the NEXT-Kernel makes the system to run much slower. The sysbench and for example some installs take ages. It is not driven or capable to run as fast as it is under the 3.14 kernel. so it sounds rather not to to expect a recent kernel before the end of 2017
  4. Possibly I thought this could have been overseen somehow. But it seems many are aware of this. I did not find many comments about this. And NEXT is meant to to be the next mainland kernel? And there are claimed not more than 40 days to the NEXT release .. so possibly this could change soon. But Thanks for the answer anyway.
  5. When using the NEXT there seems to be a problem with the govenor's. the cores show only 48 BogoMIPS (togehter 194). And cpufreq-set does not change anything.
  6. Thanks for the reply and your work. Ok .. currently I am trying the "NEXT". Wifi seems to work. Except there is frequent kernel(module)-message: "xradio_wlan mmc1:0001:1: missed interrupt" Can't I reduce the kernel debug level to hide this message somehow? I tryied dmesg -n 5, /etc/sysctl.conf->"kernel.printk = "3 4 1 3" and sysctl -w kernel.printk="2 4 1 7" These did not help. PS: Now also it seems that the serial tty-interface is somehow disabled.
  7. There is now a working xradio/xr819 driver for the 4.11.12 and 4.11.5 kernels at https://github.com/karabek/xradio So when does this work back into the armbian "release management"?
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