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  1. WiFi on SSV6051 only works on old images with 3.14 kernel. Latest may be around 5.44 from mid 2018.
  2. I am away from my toys at the moment, and the only time I took a look at the script was about two years ago, so it may have changed substantially since then, but based on your SD card having been wiped my guess would be that your system identified the SD card as the first memory block (name ending with 0), and if I recall right the install script assumed the first block/device would be the internal memory (device to be backed up, erased, and have the OS copied to), and the second device would be the SD card. Concerning updating Android, it was only necessary to do it once. Since your Android installation is still there, you should not have to do this step a second time. If my guess is right, you should be able to boot from your newly flashed SD card. Once in Armbian, take a look at your devices, see whether the internal memory chip or the SD card show as mmcblk0 or something similar, you would then have to make simple adjustments to the install script.
  3. It probably already works for the box you linked, but if I may suggest, this one already works for sure, it costs just a few dollars more (4/16 model), and has twice the amount of RAM. I wouldn't think twice:
  5. Tanix TX3 mini 2GB RAM (S905W) 5.41.1 Ubuntu Xenial 3.14.29 icewm 20180406: everything working, boot from SD, system on HDD A5X Max 4GB RAM (RK3328) 5.62 Ubuntu Bionic 4.4.143 desktop 20181014: rk3328-evb.dtb, boot from SD, system on HDD, just started testing, wifi and audio not working yet, ethernet okay. 2018-12-19: audio is working. 5.91 Ubuntu Bionic 4.4.154 desktop 20190726: rk3328-mx10-fast.dtb, boot from SD, system on HDD, everything working so far, ethernet, wifi, audio. Playing Test.mp4 on full screen runs very hot, around 93°C, normal computing tasks are very fluid.
  6. Sorry I hadn't seen your question before. I haven't had time to play with my TX3 mini in the past few months, but yes, wifi was working. Maybe it was not as solid as it could/should be, I didn't make any kind of measurements, but it would sometimes "feel" it was somewhat slower than my laptop, for instance, when transferring the same thing to both of them over wifi. My TX3 mini was/is still running 5.41.1 with 3.14.29, I am still waiting for a chance to try the newer images. I had setup wifi using wifi_dummy, my wifi chip is the SSV6051, and my ROM is from March 2018 (from where I believe Armbian was getting the dtb file), if that helps.
  7. A few months ago, in a previous version, you could try something like: sudo ln -s /lib/firmware /usr/lib/firmware It may or may not be what you need now for 4.18, but if you give it a try let us know if it fixes your problem.
  8. I remember I had similar problems a few months ago when I tried installing Armbian on my TX3 mini for the first time. I did some tests back then and if I recall correctly mounting any Linux partition (extX) on Android seemed to be changing the file system to use SElinux permissions, which prevented Armbian from even reaching the first login prompt. I had the same problem even after having everything running and simply mounting the SD card or HDD on Android, it simply messed everything up, and changing all permissions back was time consuming, so I simply do NOT mount any linux filesystem when running Android on the box. Actually I never even boot Android, I bought the box specifically to run Armbian, sadly I haven't had time to play with it for over a month now. But the symptom was as you described, I prepared the SD card, updated the box to multiboot (via Android, so it mounted the linux filesystem on the SD card and messed it up right there), and no matter what dtb file I used it would halt somewhere like what you showed. After rewriting the SD card and not mounting it on Android (I already had multiboot), Armbian booted out of the box, but it took me some time to figure that out. After I had the system working I booted Android and inserted the SD card, and I was again not able to fully boot Armbian due to SElinux permissions on certain system files (actually all over the filesystem, but fixing the permissions to a few system files made the system bootable again. Afterwards I still had to fix the whole filesystem nonetheless). I tried a few things after I had the system running from an HDD, and simply mounting this HDD on Android was enough to "update" the file permissions and make Armbian unbootable again. In summary, at least with my TX3 mini, I cannot mount any media with Armbian partitions on Android. I believe my box has Android 7.1 from March/2018. In fewer words, your problem is probably not with the Android Update app, but with Android itself whenever it mounts the extX partition(s). Hope this helps somehow.
  9. Thank you x2, again! Will DL both of them now and start testing the new images.
  10. I understand and I am by no means requesting anything. I appreciate your time and work and just wanted to know if there would be such releases in the future. I am running the 3.14.29 icewm version from April 06 on a TX3 mini 2/16, and it is very stable and fast. This is so cool! I tried a couple images with 4.x kernels (4.14 and 4.16 if I am not mistaken), but if recall correctly only the 4.16 version worked on my TX3 mini, and for some reason I was not able to run the root partition from my USB HDD, so I postponed tests for lack of time. The 3.14 kernel version I am running right now is booting from the SD card but the root partition is on the USB hard disk. I am writing this post from my TX3 mini, thank you! Nice! Again, thank you for your work on these boxes.
  11. Thank you so much for your effort and time. I see there are no (0727) images for icewm (yet). Do you plan to generate them too? They are the ones I have been testing...
  12. @balbes150 Thank you very much for all the time, effort and competence you put on your work. It is very much appreciated. @Reddwarf Not much happening there lately: - - - - As for the second chip, did you mean 3229? If so, it has been a few months since I looked last, but I hadn't found anything for the 3229 until then. I am interested in both the 3328 and the 3229.