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  1. 14 hours up time on eMMC, with Doker +HA + Pihole load. At the beginning there was one freeze, after which I removed the parameter "rk3318-box-emmc-hc200" from the armbian-config. Then it works stably. This is already much better than it was, the changes are obvious. I will pick up a good sdcard, and start from it to eliminate the eMMC problem and continue testing.
  2. Logs complete Android.log Armbian eMMC.log Armbian sdcard.log
  3. I'll try to figure it out. Give me a hint, how to read these logs? Maybe there is a manual or a link to the topic with such works?
  4. I'm not worried, I just didn't want to bother you, unless absolutely necessary. I will continue working with pleasure. I am interested in this topic. I have a modest experience, but I can handle it. I'm friends with a soldering iron. I have: ch340 usb ttl, RS485 to UART, TTL to RS485, USB to RS485.
  5. Wester_Minsk


  6. 2fabiobassa With android, box does not start with SD cards, the "toothpick" method does not work. I tried - multitool -> armbian in emmc -> didn't start with emnc -> start with sdcard armbian. Box started up, passed apt aupdate, then froze. I get cpu metod - perfomance 1000. two hours later on the screen: I do not plan on tuning my RK anymore. But if necessary for this topic, I can continue. p.s sorry for my English, my native language is Russian.
  7. 2fabiobassa Hi. Box life. 2 days works stably on the original firmware. I restored the backup via multitool. During the recovery, the multitool freezes, but the recovery continues. I think my RK is not optimized for these armbian images.
  8. 2fabiobassa I started the system with an sdcard, the freezes went immediately on downloading packages. After several attempts, the box finally died, it does not start with emmc and sdcard. It was a good experience for me. Thank you for your help!
  9. I'm asking for help. I continue to test my box RK3318, there is a problem :(. which I can't handle. I don't have the necessary knowledge in linux. Box constantly freezes, and several times it did not start, I had to restore it from multitool. I am using the image of Arabian 21.08-Debian Buster minimal-mainline kernel 5.10.4 installed in eMMC. All updates are installed. Doker and homeassistance are installed. what I tried: in arm bin-config: Scaling governor: performance, conservative, ondemand cpu 1000 1300 1400 *rk3318-box-emmc-hc200 *rk3318-box-led-conf1 lastest Update: arm bin-config linux-deb-current-rockchip 64 linux-image-current-rockchip 64 linux-libc-dev only Lan only wifi cpu temperature 40-60 all these changes do not affect the freezes in any way. I put: Armbian 21.05-Debian Buster minimal-legacy kernel 4.4.213 - on this image is even worse, freezes on the start setting.. Now I'm starting to study logs: sudo ls /var/log alternatives.log bootstrap.log dpkg.log lost+found rpimonitor.log apparmor btmp faillog messages syslog apt chrony fontconfig.log nand-sata-install.log sysstat armbian-hardware-monitor.log daemon.log kern.log openvpn user.log auth.log debug lastlog private wtmp sudo less /var/log/armbian-hardware-monitor.log sudo less /var/log/bootstrap.log what can I do?
  10. I didn't expect this kind of performance from the $ 20 box. Now for the test I transferred my HA server to RK3318, I'm testing its stability.
  11. I understand. For my server Home assistant, 2GB is good. I did some tests https://pibenchmarks.com Rk3318 got 3900 score. For comparison my raspberry pi4 4gb + ssd got 7500 score.