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  1. Multitool over SSH worked great!! It took me 5 minutes to install in emmc. Thank you very much!
  2. @jock Hi! In the thread about CSC Armbian for RK322X TV Boxes, good news about Multitool with SSH, This Multitool is suitable for rk3318 ?? What version of drrbin is there?
  3. I switched to - Armbian 22.02 - Debian Bullseye minimal - mainline kernel 5.15.16 Everything is ok on my board. I migrated the system to a usb3 ssd drive, and connected a usb3 hub with a 1 Gbit LAN. On the new version of the image, the armbian-config works fine after migration. Thank you so much for the new release!!!
  4. I have done the migration to SSD several times. It works well. I also noticed that armbian-config started to work incorrectly. As I understand it, the path to the folder with scripts has changed, it does not work to change the language or region. I think this is a solvable problem. Otherwise, everything is OK! 🍺
  5. I have done a lot of hardware tests to start with USB 3 on my RK3318 board result: I have 3 usb 3.0 to sata controllers, only one worked on my board via usb 3, on the core 5.12.2. But at the same time, after migrating from eMMC to SSD, this controller loaded the system poorly, I had to switch to hot so that u-boot could see the system partition. I connected another controller, u-boot reads it perfectly and the system starts stably. At the moment, I have a confident start with usb3 ports, and continue testing.
  6. There was a simple way, and it was in front of my nose. This is the standard way from the official instructions of the Armbian: Start the install script: nand-sata-install I chose: of booting from eMMC/NAND, system to SATA/USB The system migrates to a USB3 SSD Restart and boot the system from USB3 now a stable start with USB3
  7. You understood correctly. I see it like this: U-boot (no kernel) with sd/emmc , kernel on SSD.
  8. a few tests on cpu 1000 https://storage.jamesachambers.com/ Category Test Result HDParm Disk Read 290.29 MB/s HDParm Cached Disk Read 256.37 MB/s DD Disk Write 90.2 MB/s FIO 4k random read 12256 IOPS (49024 KB/s) FIO 4k random write 5804 IOPS (23219 KB/s) IOZone 4k read 26091 KB/s IOZone 4k write 16847 KB/s IOZone 4k random read 16587 KB/s IOZone 4k random write 24202 KB/s Score: 5507 my raspberry have 7,590 if up cpu is on the board, the result will be about with pi4
  9. Thanks for the link! A very interesting topic for me. Jokingly speaking - "@ I have "Windows" of the brain." I've been goofing around in xp,7,10 for 25 years. Linux is difficult for me so far, but I'm trying and moving a little. I've done some experiments. 1 was successful. I erased the eMMC, burned the image to SD and deleted the USR and VAR folders from it and inserted it into the board. Then I recorded the same image on an SSD and connected it to USB 3. The system started and works very well and quickly until the first reboot, then u-boot no longer sees the kernel on the SSD: After overwriting the SD and SSD images, the system starts again. Can such a method be workable? Maybe you can build an image with a u-boot without a kernel? I'll continue the tests. If this is a lot of work for you, then I'll try again.
  10. I still can't build a u-boot image for our boards myself, tell me where can I download it? or share a link to a simple instruction. thank you
  11. I was able to start the system from USB 2 today only if I didn't do eMMC erasure.
  12. To my luck, on the 5.15.2 kernel, the USB 3.0 port is working stably. On older kernels, USB 3.0 didn't work on my board. I was able to enable SSD Disk on port 3.0 and started SMB server on it. It remains only to dream about starting the system with a USB 3.0 port. Maybe there are some beta releases to start with USB 3.0?
  13. I put the image again - Armbian 21.11 - Debian Bullseye desktop [xfce] - mainline kernel 5.15.2 Did not do: upgrades and rk3318 parameters. Stable operation. USB 3.0 works, except USB SSD. I will continue testing.
  14. I tested the 5.15.2 kernel , got an interesting result: There is a good start with emmc. The 5.15.5 kernel update has been installed USB 3.0 is working, The SDcard speed via USB 3.0 reader is not bad: Problems: 1. The board starts badly with emmc after reboot. Starts only after: start multitool - reboot multitool - remove microsd The startup problem appears after setting the parameters: *rk3318-box-emmc-hc200 *rk3318-box-emc-dr. Maybe the problem is a bad voltage? Starting with a Microsd card slot, no problem. 2. USB 3.0 port does not see SSD disk partitions via USB 3.0 adapter. 3. After several restarts: - The USB 3.0 port has stopped working. - All parameters of RK3318 disappeared in armbian-config - Script rk3318-config.sh starts, but the parameters are not activated after reboot. - The problem of starting with emmc after reboot has gone away. p/s Is it good to have a working USB 3.0? what do you think? Give me a hint, I want to try to work with this, but I have little knowledge for this.
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