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  1. Hi. I had the exact same locked 1260mhz frequency on opi +2E and Pc+, both on Stretch 5.38 and 4.14.15 kernel. No problem with load for me. Thanks for the tip.
  2. [preview] Generate OMV images for SBC with Armbian

    Hi tkaiser. I just seen that topic since your last post. do you mean OMV support will be stopped or just you won't provide more bench as you did before ? i'm just trying a self compiled OMV build for OpiPC+ and it seem to work flawlessly ! i'm now compiling an odroid XU4 for my friend, HC1 owner.
  3. Does anyone sell an Orange Pi Plus 2 or 2E?

    Hi Xulong answered me they were in re-apro. Probably available soon
  4. No More Orange Pi plus 2E ?

    ok Thanks a lot Valant and Igor. I already asked to Xulong aliexpess but no response from them. best regards
  5. Hello. I'm an happy armbian loaded Opi Plus 2E and Opi Pc Plus user and i want to thanks a lot the armbian community for their hard work on H3 devices. I use Plus 2E it as a seedbox/NAS with two 2.5" btrfs Raid1 1gb usb hdd, I must say that i love that little board. But, a friend of me wanted to buy one and told me that it was unavailable for now . Do you think it's temporary out of stock or we can consider it a discontinued board ?