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  1. t-minik

    Real time clock DS3231

    Thanks martinayotte. The strange thing is echo works well in some case, eg : echo 1234 > test.txt Works perfectly... I understood rtc was entirely rewritten in last kernel release. I'll try your advice tomorrow thanks a lot.
  2. t-minik

    Real time clock DS3231

    Hi i'm trying to include a ds3231 rtc module but i'm facing an issue with Opi+2E nightly 5.54 and 4.17.11 kernel I2c-0 and I2c-1 activated through armbian-config : check i2c-tools installed : check module correctly wired i2cdetect -y 0 show me the 0x68 for DS3231 and 0x57 for EEprom but adding new_device returns : root@orangepiplus2e:~# echo ds1307 0x68 > /sys/class/i2c-adapter/i2c-0/new_device echo: command not found close failed in file object destructor: sys.excepthook is missing lost sys.stderr I seen that link https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/rtc.txt pointing on "tools/testing/selftests/timers/rtctest.c" but googling said nothing to me, i'm not skilled to do something. does anyone has a clue please ?
  3. t-minik

    Standard DNS settings and Privacy

    thanks @fm0 ! i was searching for hours why there was a "nameserver" in my /etc/resolv.conf. You just saved me some more hours i guess.
  4. t-minik

    Orange Pi Plus 2E now available

    @lanefu, for now the 1st is a raid1 samba local share and ovpn seedbox. I'm very happy with it. The second one will be a little jeedom box for my home domotic stuffs.
  5. t-minik

    Orange Pi Plus 2E now available

    Plus 2e seem back in stock now. I Just ordered one. Hope there is no big change compare to the one I'm really happy with.
  6. t-minik

    No More Orange Pi plus 2E ?

    @ullbeking, did you receive you +2E ? Can you confirm it's working good and the wifi chip remains RTL8189FTV? I'd like to buy another one but I'm not sure for now because of incertitudes. Is it the same board as the original one? Best regards.
  7. Hi. I had the exact same locked 1260mhz frequency on opi +2E and Pc+, both on Stretch 5.38 and 4.14.15 kernel. No problem with load for me. Thanks for the tip.
  8. t-minik

    [preview] Generate OMV images for SBC with Armbian

    Hi tkaiser. I just seen that topic since your last post. do you mean OMV support will be stopped or just you won't provide more bench as you did before ? i'm just trying a self compiled OMV build for OpiPC+ and it seem to work flawlessly ! i'm now compiling an odroid XU4 for my friend, HC1 owner.
  9. t-minik

    Does anyone sell an Orange Pi Plus 2 or 2E?

    Hi Xulong answered me they were in re-apro. Probably available soon
  10. t-minik

    No More Orange Pi plus 2E ?

    ok Thanks a lot Valant and Igor. I already asked to Xulong aliexpess but no response from them. best regards
  11. Hello. I'm an happy armbian loaded Opi Plus 2E and Opi Pc Plus user and i want to thanks a lot the armbian community for their hard work on H3 devices. I use Plus 2E it as a seedbox/NAS with two 2.5" btrfs Raid1 1gb usb hdd, I must say that i love that little board. But, a friend of me wanted to buy one and told me that it was unavailable for now . Do you think it's temporary out of stock or we can consider it a discontinued board ?