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  1. It says Model CBP-300-P on the label underneath. I bought it in September 2013, at which time it was described as a "Cubox Pro". Server use is OK. Andrew
  2. I have a Cubox that has been running Debian Wheezy for a while and I want to do a clean install of Jessie on it. I downloaded Armbian_5.00_Cubox-i_Debian_jessie_4.4.1 and wrote it to SD card, but it won't boot. The error is: Unknown command 'bootz' I rather suspect that my Cubox is not a Cubox-i - possibly an earlier version that does not support compressed kernels. Is there some way I can work around this? Maybe re-flash the bootloader, or uncompress the kernel on another system perhaps? Thanks Andrew
  3. That will certainly reduce the problems, but the Cubietruck does have a hardware real-time clock and it used to work!
  4. Since updating to the (vanilla) 4.3.3 kernel, my Cubietruck has not read the real-time clock at boot time. This causes all log messages to show "Jan 1 01:00:10" until the NTP daemon kicks in. It also causes cron to remain confused about daylight savings until it is restarted. Looking at the release history at see that v4.81 / 28.12.2015 includes a fix for a "Jessie RTC bug". Unfortunately it seems that this release has introduced an RTC bug! What was the fix, and is there an option I can use to reverse it? Before the update the boot messages look