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    t.munzer got a reaction from manuti in H2: Sunvell R69 Android TV Box (AliExpress)   
    I'm testing Beelink Debian Strech 4.13 server image on the R69. Results are very satisfying for my use case. With legacy image (even on orange pi pc) I never get stability running pi-hole,either pihole web server ran but dnsmasq was stopped, or the whole beast stopped responding even with SSH ; sometimes it stopped afted one day, other times after less than one hour. With mainline I ran for 6 days without a glitch. So I'm Happy...
    ...But I do not find how to replicate in mainline/dtb context what I do in legacy/fex, changing sdc_detmode parameter to have access to µsd card when booting from emmc. In fact I do not need at all using it, but I do not like not being able to do so !!!