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  1. You can check a two years old video recorded with the Orange Pi One at the same time I do some test. Firefox have some issues unresolved with ARM so you can't use today.
  2. I have images for this board, next week I try to find and share with you.
  3. manuti

    Plex / Emby install on OrangePI PC

    With armbian is easy to install openmediavault (OMV) using the commnad and inside OMV is trivial to install Plex Server. This blog is in Spanish but maybr you can reach the installation with a little help of Google Translator ► using armbian-config to add OMV English auto translated ► adding Plex Server to OMV English auto translated,1500004,15700022,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700208&usg=ALkJrhhryBGJJk90uizvZZrAFu61vYsqrw#
  4. manuti

    Ubuntu Mate Desktop on Armbian 18.04?

    Is in Spanish but maybe with traslantion or see snapshots you can reach the objetive: The original work is taken from
  5. manuti

    How to check temperature of OrangePi PC

    Yes, it looks the same but in nice blue color!
  6. manuti

    Replace Odroid C2 for pi hole and plex

    The NanoPi K1 Plus: [ ] armbian good support - not yet [x] 2+GB ram - yes [x] fast cpu - yes and 64bits [x] Gigabit Ethernet - yes [x] eMMC support could be nice for fast OS - yes [x] it will run headless - yes [ ]- docker support - yes when armbiam come [ ]- USB 3 support could be nice, otherwise USB 2 is ok - USB2.0
  7. manuti

    OPi One acpi not working?

    I did not solve it either.
  8. Is totally off-topic, but someone can change the title of this post, because it says: "bordsupport general discussion ..." instead of "board support general discussion ...". Thanks.
  9. manuti

    Change to MATE desktop

    This is my Spanish guide to add Mate Dsktop to the Raspberry Pi But if you start with any armbian Debian Server you can try this simple steps: sudo apt install mate-desktop --no-install-recommends mate-desktop-environment-core mate-themes mate-session-manager xinit mate-terminal mate-applets pluma software-properties-gtk xserver-xorg mate-utils mate-utils-common Now create a text file with nano nano .xinitrc in your home directory containing this: exec mate-session And finally add a desktop launcher as you prefer (only one of this) : sudo apt install nodm Or sudo apt install lightdm
  10. manuti

    Calibre 3 for armbian

    Have you tried the source install from Calibre web page? curl -L | tar xvJ cd calibre* sudo python2 install bien à toi
  11. manuti

    ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

  12. manuti

    Pi-factor cases

    As seeing on The new RPi 3+ eat much power than the previous one, and following first law of thermodynamics all the energy supplied (in absence of moving parts) becomes heat. Sorry, @tkaiser but I buy one new RPi3+ and I can confirm the SoC run colder but the whole board is warmer than previous RPi.
  13. I try Arch several years ago ... and is hard to learn all the different CLI commands!
  14. O__O kernel 4.15.11 nice to know ... I'm a Debian and derivates user but maybe try Arch to bring a new kernel to my ODROID-U3 is a big idea. Thanks!!!
  15. Have you installed it? Which kernel uses this image?