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  1. manuti

    Support of Raspberry Pi

    One of the more honest Raspberry Pi ... today I think the RPi 3A+ is more decent, honest and humble with the user. I complaint about the bottle neck longtime ago in Spanish of course.
  2. manuti

    system in French

    Supposedly, you can configure this from CLI using: sudo armbian-config In the past I find you need to remove and reinstall to have Locale correctly set. En espagnol, nous avons aussi des mots avec des accents: xxx, disputó, xxx, coloreó. Bien à vous @John34 .
  3. manuti

    Language Support Setting on Debian

    Check this post: Maybe is that you are looking for.
  4. manuti

    Orange Pi One monitor mode?

    Orange Pi One dons't have onboard Wi-Fi. Maybe you are thinking on Orange Pi Lite. Following this RPi tutorial and using Nexmon drivers you can reach this modes but ... the RTL8189FTV chipset included in the OPi Lite is not supported.
  5. manuti

    Minix NEO U1

    @balbes150 some questions which version of armbiam is best for this TV Box? Which can be installed on eMMC? Which dtb is the correct to move to /BOOT? Thanks
  6. manuti

    Beelink x2 wifi problems

    I'm lost... I don't know whast happening with your Wi-Fi? Can you try to use `armbian-config` to set up the wireless or try to updarte or switch to a new kernel and try again:
  7. manuti

    Beelink x2 wifi problems

    @Andeser What is the output from `lsmod` command? And also try to recreate module dependency using: sudo depmod -ae
  8. manuti

    Beelink x2 wifi problems from @slinde I thinks this driver in included ... but the steps I remember more or less are download and unzip the driver in /lib/ directory . After that in a Terminal: sudo modprobe ap6181 firmware_path=/lib/firmware/ap6210/ap6181.bin nvram_path=/lib/firmware/ap6210/nvram.txt lsmod sudo ifconfig wlan0 up sudo iwlist wlan0 scan
  9. manuti

    Beelink x2 wifi problems

    try to follow my steps long time ago ...
  10. manuti

    Beelink x2 wifi problems

    Beelink X2 have different Wi-Fi hardware, more or less the last version of armbian support all the main part of the internal Wi-Fi that you can find inside the BX2. If not your case, there was a long and old forum post about running different Wi-Fi "modules" (like the Windows drivers) in armbian to bring your Wi-Fi to life. This weekend I try to search this post and help you.
  11. manuti

    Just a test

    @tkaiser are you deleting the main part of your comments in this forum?
  12. manuti

    Beelink x2 wifi problems

    This is the best and more supported version: Armbian Xenial desktop legacy kernel 3.4.y Is the old kernel but everything works out of the box.
  13. I take you suggest and try to give a try in near future, thanks!! For me, the only advantage to using RDP is you don't need to intall anything on Windows and also you can find Microsoft official client in the Mac App Store. But I normally for remote "desktop" use I prefer to export the X apps via SSH using: ssh -X user@machine
  14. 3 steps: 1. or me the easy way is use XRDP: sudo apt-get install xrdp tightvncserver 2. link the dynamic Internet IP using DuckDNS 3. also you need to open the configure the port forward in your router.
  15. manuti

    Adafruit CircuitPython

    ► Speculation ahead! I think Raspberry Pi sales are stagnant, so... if you want to sell more hardware related to IoT and GPIO, you need to expand your customer base: Pi Orange, NanoPi,...