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  1. If you want to install some Android that maybe don't mess with MAC address maybe in you can find the solution. This is a special version of Android optimized for the SoC H2+ (normally found in the Sunvell R69) and also for H3.
  2. Anyone having this board. Can trans-code video using as Plex Server? Thanks.
  3. No, is not a good place. Here you can find info related to install and use armbian Linux in this Android TV box, but nothing more.
  4. Not AES in the popular Raspberry Pi 4 even if they claim to be ARMv8.
  5. Solved: finally found a way. With keyboard attached (black cable in the above picture) to the further USB port from GPIO and USB male to male (light blue in the above picture) in the closest USB to GPIO and with additional power feeding from the micro USB.
  6. The La Frite reboot every time I try to boot in eMMC mode USB. Any way to 'dd' the image on the eMMC? I can see the eMMC module from Armbian using lsblk command. I can't see eMMC install in armbian-config or use nand-sata-install because the system must run from SD card. Any idea to move armbian to the eMMC? Thanks
  7. Thanks. One more question. In which USB port you attach the keyboard and in which the male to male USB cable? Kind regards.
  8. Hi @djismgaming how you did you manage to move armbian to the eMMC? Thanks
  9. Nice to be useful ... in Spain we said to avoid forget something you need to eat raisin stalks.
  10. Hi, your images @jernej are right here I don't know if you know this or not. Regards
  11. The Eltechs webpage is down Anyone knows something. Its only by curiosity.
  12. Hi, I have an old install in eMMC/NAND in a MXQPro+ and I want to update to the recent version that's let me keep the OS in the internal memory. The output from uname is: Linux amlogic 3.14.29 #144 SMP PREEMPT Tue Dec 26 10:26:54 MSK 2017 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux And the output in the SSH login screen is: Thanks in advance.
  13. Many of then barely used ... but always searching for the definitive SBC: Raspberry Pi B everything stars here. Raspberry Pi B+ : Solving many issues from the previous version. Raspberry Pi A+ : Really low power consumption, this will be a good starting point to something with dual core balancing power & consumption. Raspberry Pi 2B the Good Raspberry Pi 3B the Ugly Raspberry Pi Zero : Main Kodi OSMC board, really, I don't need more. Raspberry Pi Zero W : Used as a CCTV. Raspberry Pi 3B+ the Bad ODROID-U3 : The best SBC I have with eMMC and 2GB. But today without updates from hardkernel. ODROID-C1 : Many problems before C1+ arrive ... good board but not better than U3. UG802 RK3066 : Reconverted Android TV with Picuntu, used on a weekly basis sharing more than 1000 small torrents and waiting for a death that never arrives. Banana Pi PRO : main home NAS with last armbian and OMV, Plex and Torrents. SATA & Gigabit marks the difference. Orange Pi One : When I know this board has armbian support I decided to buy only because is cheap and not hopping so much ... but is a really good board for the price. Orange Pi Lite : After having OPi One I want to try this with Wi-Fi and more USB. Used with Lakka as Retrogame platform. Orange Pi PC : Looking for a substitute or back-up of my Banana Pi PRO or the Lakka. Good CPU performance but never used a lot. Orange Pi PC2 : Again looking for a second NAS board. Good performance and net bandwidth. With SSD and UASP can be a good and cheap board to be used as NAS or light server. Beelink X2 : after the success, in my opinion, I'm always searching for good Android TV box to be converted in a cheap Linux PC. This was a good one, difficult to have the Wi-Fi up and running in the beginning. This board shows me also the TV box root problem: same name but different hardware (Wi-Fi, NAND, eMMC, RAM, ...). MXQ PRO+ 4k : received to test it. Appreciate the @balbes150 effort but many boards with different hardware and I never have the Wi-Fi on my unit working (with many hours spent on this). DragonBoard 410c : I wined on a raffled!!! Really good board. With the last Linaro Debian Buster it feels like a light PC but without a proper case, I can use normally. NanoPi Neo2 : Another try to have a small NAS. Good board overall but the position of cables is not the better to be used as a server. Please, FriendlyCore thinks on having power, network and 1 x USB in one side. Sunvell R69 : I like small boards and small TV boxes. The case of Android TV boxes is one of my main reasons to love this piece of cr*p. A pity this one is more or less good but the Wi-Fi is a real sh*t only capable of keeping SSH connexions. La Frite: last addition to the crew. Only booted once. I'm thinking in use as my new Kodi center when the OS or LibreElec will be released. C.H.I.P. the $9 computer: I bought with a lot of hopes in my time and projects. I like the Chrome use to flash the board but when the company disappears I know this is the wrong approach. Good ideas in this board: the female GPIO with pinout printed, the built-in battery control, ... Omega2 : is another kind of devices I only used sometimes to be a Wi-Fi Gateway. I think is a really good device for IoT projects.