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  1. Same here (I think @tkaiser shared this model here and everybody copied his idea).
  2. This Pimoroni board do: LiPo SHIM ► But is conceived for Raspberry Pi (maybe it can be adapted) and is not cheap. This is the script to control de Clean Shutdown ►
  3. Sorry, this is not the post I was talking is this on the official wiki And also mention that I have an SPI LCD display, not DSI. Regards.
  4. Thanks @piter75 for your excellent work!!! Another question. Anyone as try to attach a LCD display with armbian? I tried the recipe from here but using amrbian as OS. I made some changes and try every single option. Display is ON but I can see the cli on it.
  5. If you want to install some Android that maybe don't mess with MAC address maybe in you can find the solution. This is a special version of Android optimized for the SoC H2+ (normally found in the Sunvell R69) and also for H3.
  6. Anyone having this board. Can trans-code video using as Plex Server? Thanks.
  7. No, is not a good place. Here you can find info related to install and use armbian Linux in this Android TV box, but nothing more.
  8. Not AES in the popular Raspberry Pi 4 even if they claim to be ARMv8.
  9. Solved: finally found a way. With keyboard attached (black cable in the above picture) to the further USB port from GPIO and USB male to male (light blue in the above picture) in the closest USB to GPIO and with additional power feeding from the micro USB.
  10. The La Frite reboot every time I try to boot in eMMC mode USB. Any way to 'dd' the image on the eMMC? I can see the eMMC module from Armbian using lsblk command. I can't see eMMC install in armbian-config or use nand-sata-install because the system must run from SD card. Any idea to move armbian to the eMMC? Thanks
  11. Thanks. One more question. In which USB port you attach the keyboard and in which the male to male USB cable? Kind regards.
  12. Hi @djismgaming how you did you manage to move armbian to the eMMC? Thanks
  13. Nice to be useful ... in Spain we said to avoid forget something you need to eat raisin stalks.