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  1. Another try usinf de DTS edit function inside 'armbian-config' same result: Ideas?
  2. OK, following with info found in the forum. Using info from this post above to create my own dtb file: and using info from this other post above, to change from 256MB (0x10000000) to 32MB (0x2000000) After create the new dtb I changed the path in uEnv.txt to point to new one. After reboot everythig looks the same. This is the output from armbianmonitor -U: Any idea about how I'm doing wrong?
  3. (Please moderator feel free to move this topic whatever you think that Hi, I'm running Rosetta@home in a TV box, MXQ4K with Amlogic 905x is a 2GB RAM unit. When I start boinc, sometime I have tasks and other times I have this message? boinc-client 25-Mar-2021 11:22:31 [Rosetta@home] Rosetta needs 1716.61 MB RAM but only 1654.12 MB is available for use. Is there anyway to shave 64GB of RAM? Is correct to have 1,7GB in a 2GB unit? Is this RAM dedicated to the GPU? In this case. How I can reduce the amount of dedicated RAM? I paste the armbianmonit
  4. I don't understand your question. But you can change the kernel using `armbian-config` tool and after that change repos from Bionic to Focal. With something like this (CAVEATS THAT IS NOT TESTED BY ME) : cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.backup sed -i 's|bionic|focal|g' /etc/apt/sources.list apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt -y dist-upgrade
  5. I updated from Debian Strech to Buster following the instruction from this post, also in a Banana Pi. I suppose you can move from 18.04 to 20.04 with caveats in the way. I perform an image backup from the microSD before doing anything.
  6. @SlackstickMaybe this old post from Linuxium can give you an idea about how proceed:
  7. I don't know what Android firmware my Sunvell R69 have. I use directly the GNU/Linux Armbian shared in this forum. But if you want an Android version suitable for your box the best option is go to
  8. No problem @balbes150 I'm not in a hurry. Is something nice to have and I don't have enough knowledge to do by myself. But if you deliver something I'll test as soon as possible. Thanks a million.
  9. And having RK3066 support is possible? I still use an old board with smelly 3.0 kernel? Thanks a million for all the work you do.
  10. Hey, @DevShanky if you are interested in a historic progression of sales you can check this Google Sheet. (I'm not the creator nor owner).
  11. Wi-Fi issues again My Rock Pi S show me two Wi-Fi devices but the board only have one, the built-in interface. Also the wireless connection is unpredictable sometimes shows SSH port sometimes not, sometimes I can find using the Avahi daemon sometimes not... I uploaded the testing from armbian-config tool I also added an image from "nmtui" Any ideas?
  12. Or maybe you can try this update image shared in this thread : I tested the image and worked.
  13. Hi @rna I try different microSD card vendors and finally found that someone can boot directly and others can't. If you can, try different microSD models. Finally after confirm everything is working I decided to install armbian to internal eMMC memory.
  14. Thanks @vlna tomorrow I give a try. And share my thoughts.
  15. Sorry @Virverus I see your AndroidTV stick and since I have a similar device I asked you if you did some tests with another device. Anyway I tried my device with RK3066 and it didn't work. I know it was crazy, but I didn't lose much by trying. Thanks.